Xiaomi Mi A3 - geen netwerk

  • 16 november 2019
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Dear all, 

Sorry but my Dutch is niet goed to discuss this kind of topics. Seeking advise: i had to buy a new phone and opted for xiaomi Mi a3, a global model sold at bol.com. I went to a tmobile shop today to get a new card since my previous phone has been lost. After inserting the simcard, no netwrok /internet although the details on simcard are recognised. The guy from Tmobile told ot be get in touch with a phone seller. 

i found some information that sometimes APN settings need to be adjusted manually, this didnt help. I swtiched off and on between 2g/3g/4g and 2g/3g , no success. Visited another t-mobile office in my city, a guy tried to fix an issue but no success, didnt ask for any help of colleague. I dont think calling to a client service would help me. I tried to install the network manually but it says neither 2g no 3g/4g is available. Do you know if  there is solution or i just better return this phone and buy something more well known over here?

5 reacties

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Hello @upsidedown 

It could be something in the phone but to be sure you could try another simcard in your phone and the same simcard in another phone which is working fine.

This way you will get to know if the fault is in your phone or the simcard you got.

Let us know!

Thank you, a guy from t mobile has tried another simcard my phone, that effect was the same. He actually advised to wait for day or so ,the sim card was new since I lost my old phone and blocked my simcard.

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@upsidedown  hmm that seems like a fault in your phone but have you tested the simcard in another phone to see if the simcard is fine or not?

Another option is trying a factory reset on your phone?

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Xiaomi Mi A3 bought in Germany at Saturn works fine in Netherlands on Simyo card and get's a 4G connection so no reason one bought at Bol.com shouldn’t work with T-Mobile I would think ...

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I have seen some topics regarding the same that people who lost their simcard can not get their alternative simcard to work, that could possibly be the problem but I don't mean that all Xiaomi Mi A3 don't work with T-mobile sim cards but you never know, one specific phone could have a problem in it.