Klacht over verzekering toestel, neem dit niet het komt dichtbij oplichting

  • 6 juli 2016
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This e-mail is English, just to make sure anybody can read it. I am informing T-mobile, because I think they should be aware of the bad service and near fraudulent procedures. I will also forward this story to consumer oriented programs like Tros Radar to find out if there are more complaints like this. The promise: a new phone within 24 hours, it is now 5 days and I still do not have one and I am pushed to accept an inferior phone.

The customer journey:

In order to file my claim I had to create an account in a buggy site that can not remember your username even though it is filled in, which results in time outs and having to wait hours before you can restart.

At this point you're directed through a series of questionnaires all asking for the same information over and over again and also giving time outs which result in even more repetitive tasks. I wonder how many people drop off at this stage. It seems to me it is intended to scare customers away.

When you're finally done and you plan your pick up, you're asked to fill in the same questions again in writing! This document is full of wording, that threatens with legal action in case you make a mistake in filing your claim. Really questionable procedure again and only intended to scare away customers.

But after going through all that and choosing a pick up date, my phone has been collected. I expected to get an update on the status of my claim sooner (it is not hard to inspect), so I decided to call.

I just understood after calling support, that my claim has been rewarded and I am entitled to a new phone. It wasn't easy to get this information, I had to push to get your support person to look up my claim.

Still I thought that's finally great news after spending hours on filing the insurance case. So I expected to have my new phone before 12:00 AM the next day as you promise to your customers.

However I am told, that my phone is not in stock and I should check for the next 2 days if that changes. You can not give me any insight into when you may get this phone on stock again. Really quite unacceptable compared to what you promise customers

So I ask what the alternatives are. I am told those are accepting a similar phone (but the phones offered are either not similar or have 50% of the storage capacity), or I can get my old phone back (great suggestion) or I can wait.

What I really am disgusted about apart from the above tactics is the fact you are making your stock problem my problem by offering phones of lower quality or cheaper versions. You could also offer me those phones temporarily or with a refund or you could offer me a better similar phone, which at least would show you take responsibility for your own problems. However I am pretty sure you know this all to well.

So my conclusion is that this again is intentional and in fact makes you act in a fraudulent manner. I suggest you come back to me today with a reasonable alternative.

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I suggest you understand the difference between a customer support and a community of customers.

Welcome to the forum from a fellow customer and although I hope your problem will be resolved soon, I'm going to point out though, you have to be reasonable as well and show some patience. Not every phone can be in-stock at all times, 'promises' come with legal writing in which a direct available alternative will count as an in-stock solution.

However, I do agree with your view and the 'alternatives' are in the region of offensive at times. You're not the first to complain and inform on this, but unless you're willing to go to court over this, you're best option is to wait for your phone.

Law does state they have to provide an equal or better alternative and while this doesn't apply to all specifications, certain specifications can be argued for with more weight than others. In this, especially the storage size weighs heavily as it has a direct impact on how future proof your phone is (with the increasing storage demand).

As for how fraudulent insurance companies are, well... welcome to the real world. This is a fact, non-disputed by me, that is why I haven't had a phone insurance since my second phone...
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Hi gerardke,

Welcome to the T-Mobile Community.

I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation with the insurance company. I understand that you would like to receive a new (if possible) device as soon as possible. But in this case I would agree with Poco-loco and suggest you to have more patience. Hopefully your desired phone will be in stock soon and your problem will be solved for once and for all. In the meantime you can file a complaint on the website of Ace insurance this way your complaint will be heard and they will more likely react on it.
I have filed a complaint, but they do not answer. It has now been 5 days.......

I have two options buy a new phone myself or wait with an unclear ETA of the phone. They can not give me any insight when the phone will arrive.

I am now convinced this is common practice and it really is bad practice. I have insured something of a value of 700 euro and they give me something back with a value that is much lower, without offering compensation or wait without being able to give me any kind of estimate on when the phone will be available

BTW. my phone bill is about 200 euro per month and I will change provider at the first chance I get, since you think I should be patience? It is you that promise a 24 hour service......
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Hi Gerardke,

Unfortunately we can't give you any updates regarding the ETA of your phone, since we don't have a view on their stock. If we had, of course we'd already have given you an update regarding the delivery of your phone.

ACE states on their website that they will react within 10 working days. So you'll receive a reply on your complaint within the next week. If your complaint has not been resolved in a manner that's not sufficient in your eyes, you can also take it up to Stichting Klachteninsituut Financiele Dienstverlening (Kifid).

It's unfortunate that this case made you decide to switch in the future. However, I hope this matter will be resolved shortly and we can regain your trust in the remainder of your contract.

If you have further questions or notes, don't hesitate to reply.