Simlock verwijderen voor een nieuwe phone


I'm sorry that I have to write in English because I'm a foreigner.
I have just bought an Samsung Galaxy S3 with a 2-year contract at a T-Mobile shop in Amsterdam last week. Next week I will go abroad for vacation in. So, I would like to have the phone unlock to use an abroad sim for 3G data. I have tried the link below for getting an unlock code, but I receive a message in Dutch saying something about iPhone (?!).


Could you please help me to check this problem?

Best Regards.

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@Hoang Luong

If the phone has a simlock (you can check this by trying a simcard from another provider in your phone) you can remove this by inputting a unlock code. The unlock code can be optained by using your My T-Mobile account. When you use this link you can request the unlockcode, although when you bought this phone just a week ago, there will be costs charged for € 120,-

I have done exactly like that many times, and every time I received the same message as follows. And please note that my phone is a Galaxy S3, not iPhone.

"Alle door T-Mobile geleverde iPhones zijn SIMlock vrij gemaakt. Het unlocken is dus, ook binnen een jaar na aankoop, gratis en daarnaast hoeft er ook geen contact meer opgenomen te worden met de klantenservice. Via www.toestelhulp.t-mobile.nl wordt uitgelegd welke stappen genomen moeten worden om het toestel te unlocken."

Do you mind if I send you my IMEI number so that you can check for me my simlock status?
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@Hoang Luong

If you bought a Galaxy S3 at the T-Shop it is already unlocked. Since 2008 we don't simlock phones we sell with postpaid contracts anymore. So you can already use the phone with a foreign simcard. 🙂