New Simcard from prepaid to 5gb p/m

Sorry for not writing in Dutch, I have been using prepaid sim card and my father got me a new sim with monthly subscription around 3 days ago. My father told me that I would get a phone call after two days to change the subscription to the phone number of my prepaid sim. However, I have received calls around yesterday and the day before with an hidden phone number (Which I've rejected), and I haven't got any today. Do T-mobile normally don't display the number when contacting the user? Also the new sim card is not provisioned yet. How would I be able to use the new subscription?

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Hi, your father will get emails confirming the subscription including information about the sim card delivery and the date this new sim card will be activated. Did you transfer your prepaid phone number to the new subscription?

In case things are not clear please wait until a forum moderator responds. They are able to check everything for you.

Kind regards, Folkert
Hello, to clarify, both of my prepaid sim and the new sim are under my poession. I was told from my father that I will get a phone call while I still have the prepaid sim installed, and I will be directed to use the new sim card when ready. I have received calls with a hidden number during past two consecutive days, and I am assuming that it was t-mobile.
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Please wait for a moderator to clarify things...
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Hi Kpark1221,

Here I am - a moderator, that is! 😃

We indeed call with a private number, so I do think it was T-Mobile calling you. 🙂 Of course I'm also here to help! I already checked in our system if there's any request for number retention (nummerbehoud). Did you fill in the form for nummerbehoud? If not, you can do this by filling in the form on this page.

Can you send me a private message with the new sim card number? This way I can check if there's already a request for it in our system!

Thanks in advance. We will work this out, don't worry!
Hello, I have just filled in the form but how do I send a private message here?
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kpark1221 schreef:

Hello, I have just filled in the form but how do I send a private message here?

First click on the profile name or photo of Jaimy to go to her personal profile page. Next click the button Stuur bericht.
Alright thanks 🙂