eSim activate not working

  • 6 juni 2020
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I have downloaded the esim, tried to activate it. But it did not work. And my physical sim card alsoI stopped. I then went to the shop in Arnhem after I tried calling your help desk. The guy at the shop was not much help. He issued a new physical sim. Then downloaded a new esim. Activated it. And it is still not working. And again the physical sim is also deactivated. I have a new iPhone se. He ten said to go to the Apple store. I really do not have the time to go to the Apple store. And I don't understand why your shop assistant can not fix it! I now have no service 

3 reacties

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Intstad of visiting an Apple store you could contact Apple Support :


Also using a physical simcard isn't a bad option at all.

Using a physical sim is not an option. I need use my office number as a physical sim. The lack of service at the shop is shocking! I am now paying for a service I can not use!

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Have you also checked this website? It may contain a sution for you.


Also I don't see the iphone SE 2020 in the list with supported devices, don't know if it is not updated or something else.