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  • 15 mei 2020
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I was a student living in the Netherlands, and due to an emergency due to coronavirus, I had to leave university and Amsterdam, unfortunately I will not be returning. I cannot, therefore, pay my subscription every month until 2022 (when my contract ends), so I was wondering whether I could terminate it earlier?

4 reacties

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Normally ending your mobile subscription earlier will cost €13,50 × the remaining months, there is a 1 month cancellation period.

The moderators can help you with this, maybe there will be some kind of discount because you left for an emergency?

What if I have 2 years left? This is something that has happened out of my control and cancelling seems to be extremely costly… could I ask what you mean by 1 month cancellation period?

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A one month cancellation means that for example if a moderator submits a cancellation for you, your subscription will officially end 1 month later.

Because you have about 2 years left I am hoping for you that you'll receive a discount. If you are still in your rethink time it can be cancelled for free.

Your rethink time is 30 days in which you can end your subscription without any costs. If you cancel within your rethink time there will be no 1 month cancellation period.

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Hi @mariemahk 

@Waqqas provided you with the right information! :smile: If you want to cancel your subscription right away, then you have the option to buy off your contract in one payment. You will pay 50% of the remaining months. Please keep in mind that you have a one month notice. I’m happy to calculate the exact cost to cancel your subscription. Your subscription can be terminated on 15th of June 2020, as you have a month cancellation term. The termination fee sums up to €192.01 and will be charged on your final invoice. Please let me know if this is what you want, so I can organize everything for you.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. I’m here to help you!