Router Huawei HG659 disconnects 5ghz automatically.

  • 9 juni 2019
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Dear forum,

In the last 2 weeks i've been encountering issues with my Router Huawei HG659, it has been disconnecting the 5ghz wifi signal on its own.

Some more details:
I am using 5 ghz as well as 2.4 ghz, the settings of Wifi are as follows:

What is bothersome is, that after disconnecting, I can immediately reconnect and keep using the internet.
I wonder what is responsible for this kind of behavior?

Smartphone, laptop, and desktop pc are affected by this.
2.4 ghz does not have this issue.

What to do ?

Best regards,

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You can try chainging the channel number. Now is it on auto. If you have an android phone you can download wifi analyzer in the playstore. Whit this tool you can see which channel is free. So you have no interference of other networks.
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Hi Gisomori,

Try to set the 5 GHz channel fixed at 36. It may be that the router chooses a so called DFS channel at 5 GHz in auto select mode. DFS channels are shared with air- and weather radar and it maybe that the router was disconnecting after detecting radar. This is obligatory. If you choose the non DFS channel 36 you won't have this problem.

Set the 5 GHz bandwidth to Auto (most like something like 20/40/80 MHz will appear)

Kind regards, Folkert