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  • 21 juli 2020
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Hello! I have a 36 euro subscription and I would like to change into a 19 euro. My contract expires on 17-09-2020.

If I change my scubscrpton online do I also need to extend the contract period or it is included in the old one?

Which means from today until my expiration contract date I will only pay 19 euro without extending and my contract will expire on 17-09-2020,

Could you please helo me?

6 reacties

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Hello @Cosmin 

Once per month you can adjust your bundle for free and it will not have any impact on the duration of your contract.

You can adjust your bundle in your T-mobile account under abonnement & instellingen > bundel wijzigen.

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Hi @Cosmin 

I see you created several topics regarding the same question. You are leaving the Netherlands and you would like to know if you could change or cancel your subscription. Your contract ends on 17 september 2020, however if don't want to extend it do cancel it on time otherwise the subscription will be extended each month. So if you would like to terminate your contract on 17 september, please let me know I can file a cancellation request for you. If you like to cancel it right away, you can choose the option to buy off your contract. You will pay a cancellation fee and you have to keep in mind there is a month notice which mean it will be terminated the next month. 

If you like to change your current subscription and choose a smaller a bundle, you can adjust it on My T-Mobile as @waqqas mentioned. You will pay the costs you mentioned for the rest of the duration of your contract. 

So please let me know what you, prefer and I will help you further!


Thank you very much for your answer and information. I really appreciate it.

I would like to cancel it right away, could you please file a cancellation request for me?

Kind Regards,


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Hi @Cosmin 

Would like to file a cancellation with a termination end date of 17 september and use you subscription until then or would like to have your subscription terminated a month from now so around 22 august? If you choose the second option it will mean you will buy off your contract and you will have to pay small cancellation fee. If you choose the first option you will cancel free of charge.  Would you also like to keep this number and transfer it to PrePaid in case you come back and want to use this number? 

Please let me know so I can arrange this. 


I would like to have my subscription terminated a month from now so around 22 august.

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Hi @Cosmin 

I have filed a cancellation request for you. You contract will be canceled on 24 august. You have also received a confirmation mail which contain more information about the remaining fee. I hope you are satisfied with help. If you have any other questions, please let me know!