Emigrating to a non-EU country - Honduras


On February 24 of 2017 i became a happy customer of T-mobile. Because i am an expat who came here to to study i took a contract plan of 12 months.
I have now finished my education and i'm moving back to my home country Honduras.

To my surprise i found out my contract had been extended by another 24 months starting June 5 2018. I cannot recall this action, and knowing that i would be leaving the country i would have never agreed with 24 months.
However moving forward i will leave the Netherlands permanently and move to Honduras. I have already sign out at my municipality (Gemeentelijke basis administratie). I do not have a valid dutch address anymore. And because of that i cannot have a Bank account anymore. My bank will be closing my account.

I do not have friends and family in The Netherlands and i cannot use any other corresponding address for T-mobile. And most importantly of all i'm unable to use my T-Mobile in Honduras because T-Mobile is not active in my country.

I was able to cancel my T-Mobile Thuis contract, however not my Mobile contract. Please help me with this. I need to cancel my Phone contract as i will not be able to pay for it anymore from my bank

Kind Regards

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Hi Gaby,

Thanks for your kind message! Don't worry, of course I would love to help you out here so I'd like to take a look into this.

To do this, I do need some information from you first. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, (previous) adress, phone number, birth date and last 5 digitis of the (previous) bank account? With this info I can take a look into our system en see what I can do for you! 🙂
Hi! I dont know how to send u a private message. Can u help?
Hi Gaby.

You can click (or tap) on Jaimy's name, it'll send you to her profile. There you'll find a button with the text "Stuur bericht". If you click on that button, you can send her a private message. 🙂