invoice after changing bundle within a unlimited data+ bellen contract

  • 5 november 2020
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hi, everyone. I wanna ask question regarding my two-year unlimited data&bellen contract started from Sep, 2019. Since I have been back to my country and the contract has kept, I justed the bundle from unlimited data to 1GB in 12 October 2020. 

However I found that the invoice does not lower to 15 euro but increase to 49 euro, which I cannot understand. Before I change the bundle, I have the costs in picture below every month:

After I chose a lower-cost bundle, the discount of October did not count into my invoice:

Can anyone help me? I cannot go back to NL, and no English services support. I am urgent to understand my situations.


Beste antwoord door llllol 5 november 2020, 08:32

in my T-mobile website, the fixed costs have been displayed:


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in my T-mobile website, the fixed costs have been displayed:


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Hello @llllol

Hold on tight I’m certain a T-Mobile moderator will get back to you and look into your case. 
As a fellow customer I’m unable to look into your details, or clarify your situation for you.
Have a good day. 

Thank you Seccie! I guess the reason could be that I can only get a discount on my contract when I choose the unlimited data bundles. But my friend who has the same contract as me successfully lower the cost and suggest me to change it. 

Again appreciate your help and kindness.