"Unlimited" mobile internet subscription doesn't work?

  • 25 juli 2020
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I have unlimited mobile internet subscription, which I assume by its conditions should be UNLIMITED? after 5GB you need to 1GB as many time as you want (a bit of a hustle when you use internet all day to work, but okay) HOWEVER after using 5GB data internet becomes significantly slow to the point that it’s impossible to use it. I’m trying to reach T-mobile service, but no luck, the customer service is the worst I’ve experienced! Also considering the fact that I’ve been waiting home internet to be installed more than a month...That’s the reason I switched to unlimited subscription on my phone, but it’s absolute bullshit. 

Is this normal?? How can this be fixed?? 

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Hello @Amelient 

I have a unlimited subscription too and i went through my 5GB to test the speed of my 1GB aanvuller. I received this message after I finished my 5GB :


So if I didn't activate a free 1GB aanvuller my 4G would be really slow but after activating a 1GB aanvuller I had a very fast speed.


Are you sure you have activated a 1GB aanvuller via the app or website?