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  • 3 oktober 2019
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Hello, I send back the internet modem, because I had only internet , no TV. Now I received a mail and says that I have to send back tv modem, or I pay 75€

6 reacties

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Hi @Cristian86


I’ve checked the status of the reimbursement: apparently it’ll be transferred 32 days after the most recent direct debit date (October 21st). Basically what that means is that your reimbursement will be processed at the end of November and then on the next Monday will be transferred to your account. Sorry to have to be the bringer of slightly bad news! Your credit is under way, but it takes a tad longer than expected. Can I help you with anything else? Please let me know, I’d be more than happy to help. :smile:

I didn't received money back and it passed a month

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Hello @Cristian86

You can either wait for a moderator to reply or call the customer support. Explain them that the modem has been refunded and you have this track & trace as proof.
Ok, thank you
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Your welcome 😎
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Hey @Cristian86,

I can confirm that we have received your T-Mobile Home equipment, thank you! 😄 You don't have to worry about a penalty. Please let me know if I can assist you any further!