cable error 8180 (English)

  • 24 februari 2021
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Recently I moved houses and got an email saying that internet would be available in the new address by 19/02/2021. Today I tried to install the modem as said in the box but the WAN light is off. The ISRA point is located outside the apartment, in the hall so the cables from the box cannot reach it. I made the connection as in the photos, but I also tried connecting the gray cable from the ISRA directly to the dsl port in the modem, but it also did not work.


Is this a problem with installation or the internet is not available in the address yet?



6 reacties

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Try first to connect the modem direct to the KPN isra point (last picture)

Hi, Eric. Thanks for your comment, but it did not work as well. Also, the ISRA point is outside the apt and there is no power outlet easily available. 

I see also 2 bad connections.

They used cat5e cable  with 2  RJ11 conectors.

Thid can cause the problems.


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Hi @camilacbgb, it looks like the wrong ethernet cable is connected to the ISRA, can you try to use the DSL-cable we sent you in the installation package, please? That should do the trick.

Hi, @Jason. I tried again what you suggested but it did not work. Also, the cable provided (1.5m) is too short to connect the ISRA point (which is outside the apartments, in the meterkast on the apartments hall and has no available power socket) to modem (inside the apartment, with available power socket). In the pictures above, the cable leaving the ISRA point comes to the apartment via an underfloor tubing. I made a sketch of the connection to be clearer.


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Hi @camilacbgb ,

Thanks for your reply! I see that there’s been contact with our customer service in the meantime and a technician has visited you this morning. Because there’s no signal measured, our technical services has been notified and the grid operator has to take a look. We’re working hard to get you online ASAP. Please let me know if you have any questions, we’re here for you!