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  • 5 april 2021
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Dear T-mobile
I would like to terminate my house internet contract because I am moving to a new house (from 1st of May). But, I wish to have my sim-card registration (T-mobile subscription). Would you please assist me on this matter.
And thank you for your services.
Best regards,

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Hello @Azin 

Is T-Mobile home available at your new address? If you are still in your contract period it may not be free of costs unfortunately.

If T-Mobile home is not available at your new address than you can cancel your contract for free or if your contract is allready monthly cancelable (with a one month cancellation period).

Also see this topic :

Unfortunately, the maximum speed that I need (same as what I have now) is not available at my new address. So, I have to terminate the contract.
What procedure should I follow to cancel it?Thanks in advance,

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If that's the case than please contact T-Mobile via twitter or Facebook Messenger and explain them that the same speed is not possible at your new address, if you provide an official document of your move than they should be able to cancel your contract free of costs.

In the link above you can read what's considered as an official document of your move.

Via Facebook Messenger you can type ik wil een medewerker spreken to chat with someone from T-Mobile.