Geen internet, wereldbolletje rood (Hilversum)

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Hi all, the TV issue should be resolved! There turned out to be a misconfiguration in the datacenter which caused certain IP-adresses to be blocked. A restart of the TV Box and modem might be required but after that everything should be working. Again apologies for the inconvenience and I will see you compensation. If anyone hasn't sent their postal code, housenumber and last four digits of their back account number yet then do send me a private message and I well get on that!

@Umiii This is a public forum so we try to handle things in a public manner as much as possible, especially when there are multiple customers involved with the same issue. We can go over your complaints multiple times but the important thing is getting it solved. I am genuinely sorry for the inconvenience, I've had a similar experience myself with my internet connection with a different ISP years ago and it was absolutely horrible. If I could have solved it with my own hands for you I would have but most times there a different parties involved and finding the root cause takes time, especially when the initial outage has been solved for all other customers. In this case there were a total of 9 connections that weren't working after the initial outage had been resolved. There is not much I can do in these cases except to report the issues, escalate the issue and do my best to keep you in the loop and keep pushing for a quick resolution.
@Brian 9 which reported, perhaps not 9 which was effected. either case I will like you or your complaint department to call me to discuss the compensation . Also I can't speak for every one, but lot of wrong information was provided to me by your staff and I lot half a day of my three days of holiday left for this year plus a business deal thanks to dinner which I have to cancel because thanks to Gudion engineer not showing up first on time and then not showing up at all. For me this all sums up lot of time and money I lost because of your mis communication. so you giving me couple of euros back won't solve it and unless you call me and discuss it . You saying a lot here but you not calling me making me really upset.
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Goedenavond allemaal,

Hier werkt als weer ik hoop bij jullie ook. Ik heb net een aardige, betrokken en erg behulpzame medewerker aan de telefoon gekregen. Deze was ook op de hoogte van de problemen in Hilversum afgelopen weken. Mark dank je wel voor de compensatieregeling en vooral fijn dat iemand namens T-Mobile zijn oprechte excuses heeft aangeboden.

Beste T-Mobile koester dit soort medewerkers dit zal een hoop frustratie kunnen schelen. Luister in de toekomst beter naar de klant.

Voor de mensen hier op het forum ook als je geen nieuws heb reageer toch even elke dag dan krijgen wij als klanten in ieder geval het idee dat er geluisterd word en we niet tegen een muur aanpraten.

Al met al ben ik blij dat het eindelijk opgelost is en hoop ik oprecht dat jullie het proces van de afgelopen weken meenemen om het in de toekomst beter te doen.

Hopelijk kan iedereen weer gebruik maken van de diensten!
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Hi @Umiii I can call you if you want but I'm having a few days off so I can't call you earlier then next wednesday (the 25h), let me know if that suits you!

@RomanJ Top dat mijn collega je zo goed geholpen heeft! En bedankt voor de feedback, we gaan zeker intern bekijken wat we een volgende keer beter kunnen doen, alles bij elkaar heeft dit te lang geduurd.
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Ook hier weer gewoon beeld dat het blijft doen.

Mark.. ook de naam die ons als enige normaal te woord heeft gestaan bij de klantenservice . Wacht alleen nog op zijn belletje mbt de opzegging.. dat is ook een gedoe kennelijk. Van de hele klantenservice van t mobile thuis zijn die dingen kennelijk in persoon uitgezet? Vrij bijzonder (lees belachelijk).. in afwachting van het belletje dus , voor ik voor de 700e keer zelf maar weer moet bellen
@Brian sure call me on 25th
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Well, I didn't get any compensation, and upcoming bill is indicating T-Mobile is about to charge me for the full month. During the outage support guy was unable to offer me anything.
@dchirikov That's outrageous that they charging full. They should be giving us few months free at least for all the calls and miscommunication and lies told by their people and time wasted by gudion
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That's hilarious. Due to end of discount period, I am going to pay even more. What a deal!
@Sander @Brian Is it how it should be?
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Hi all,

As promised I would look into compensation for the outage. The internet outage lasted from August 29th until September 6th and for the nine of you the TV issues persisted until September 19th. Considering the trouble you experienced we will gladly reimburse you the full subscription costs for the entire month and you will all receive a little something extra through the mail as our way of saying sorry. Once again we are terribly sorry about the outage and I hope everything is in working order now. If there are any lingering issues do let me know, I'll gladly look into it!

The reimbursement will be balanced against your upcoming invoice. @dchirikov in your case this will mean the invoice for October since the one for September has already been made. So if you do not see the reimbursement right away do not worry, you will receive it in the following month.

@Hiddew @Dylann1303 I do not have your customer data, if you could send me a private message with your full address, date of birth and last four digits of your bank account number then I will make sure you are included in this.

@cojocompany If you are sure about your cancellation then I can set it in motion for you. Let me know at which date your new contract starts, then I will end your current one on the same date. Do not use a transfer service/overstapservice with the new provider because then you will automatically be billed a cancellation fee.

@Umiii I will call you later today as requested!
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dank voor je bericht dat ik kan opzeggen. Boeteloos ga ik dan vanuit.
ik wil zsm opzeggen dus per 01/10 lijkt me prima
ik regel zelf een nieuwe provider zonder overstapservice.
graag ontvang ik dan zsm een bevestiging hiervan!
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Hi @cojocompany, uiteraard is de opzegging dan kosteloos. Ik heb hem zojuist voor je doorgevoerd met een opzegdatum van 01-10-2019. Je kan dit berichte beschouwen als bevestiging en je ontvangt ook nog een bevestiging per e-mail vandaag of morgen.
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@Brian dank je wel. Blij dat het eindelijk gelukt is. Ik heb de bevestiging via mail binnen. Wel wordt daarin nog over mogelijk kosten gesproken voor contractbreuk maar dat wacht ik wel eerst af op de eind afrekening.
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Hi @cojocompany, geen zorgen het regeltje 'Heb je opgezegd binnen je contracttermijn, dan kan het zijn dat we de resterende maanden in rekening brengen op de rekening met je laatste abonnementskosten.' is een standaard regel maar in dit geval niet van toepassing 😉
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@Brian Please call me again as I was on business trip. Got your voice mail but as number was private so Can't call back. I need to speak with you about the offered compensation issue.
Better to call em from a number which I can call back or email me with some time slots for today and tomorrow to schedule it.
@Brian I called you guys 200 times to get issue sorted and you only call twice from a blocked number and give up? call me again please as I am getting but done with your company customer service. I will go legal if you don't call me and leave a number which lead directly to you .

@Brian So so far, regardless of what you said, I still got invocie and money is deducted , Also you only tried calling once and didn’t try again, Your call center don’t kjnow how to speak with customers and your facebook chat is completely lost and Gudion keep sending me messager to make appointment. Call me to discuss the compensation as I am nto happy the way you are dealing with it. Better to set appointment AND CALL ME.