• 24 oktober 2020
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Hello. I received few days ago my packet of Internet. I installed already everything and still doesn't work. And the activation date was few days ago. What's the problem. Everything is installed good. But the Internet light is red. 


2 reacties

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Hello @Ahmed1713 

Is the modem directly connected to the main ISRA where the KPN cable is also connected?

And which type of ISRA do you have can you post a picture of it?

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Hi @Ahmed1713, welcome to the Community!

Sorry to hear your Internet isn't working properly. No worries though, I'll do my utmost to help you as much as possible. Internet is extremely important. You should have a solid connection too! First we check the most important things.  

1) Check which lights are lit on the modem. Does WAN or Internet not light up? Then disconnect the modem (and also the white or grey media converter, if you have one) from the power for 10 seconds by unplugging the power cord. 

2) Does it concern Wifi and is the WLAN light not on? Then press the button "WLAN / WPS / Wireless / Wifi" until the light comes on.  

3) Are the lights on, but you are not connected? Then connect your computer directly to the modem with an internet cable on port 1 or 2 of the modem. If you have a Zyxel modem, it doesn't matter which port you connect the computer to.