'What is SLA to any open tickets with T-Mobile? My case open for last 15 days but no resolution yet'

  • 6 oktober 2017
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I am currently having issues with T-Mobile Thuis and not resolved for 15 days and says issue with KPN and should be able to solve but no update for last 10 days on what progress is made. Any pointers on how this can be escalated?

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Well, it doesn't help to speak English but I think asking here is the best call...

We'll point 'The Man' to your situation and he'll forward it to the departments that can resolve it. However, do keep in mind that in all cases.... it's usually either a quick fix or a slow painful process.

I wish you the first option, but whatever the progression, keep in mind this is a forum for fellow customers so... whatever happens, unfriendly responses to us doesn't help 😉 we can only suggest or mildly kick those with powers.
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Hi pratap sri,

Fifteen days is a long wait without any information. I understand completely. When there's an update from our technical support we'll contact you through e-mail. If it's been fifteen days, it might be an idea to check if your e-mail is correct or if everything is running smoothly. I'll be happy to give you an update instead. Could you send me your zipcode, house number and last four digits of your bankaccount in a privatemessage to me? Click my name to do so. I hope we can resolve this matter swiftly!