4g signal got significantly worse recently

  • 24 oktober 2019
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Hi, I have 4g for home sim for about 1.5 months. I use it with my 4g usb stick. Everything was going fine for these 1.5 months, but recently out of nowhere the TMO 4g signal in my area disappeared. My bare usb stick can no longer catch it (before it had 2 sticks strength out of 5). Fortunately i have a signal amplifier which I used to regain the signal, though even with it I am now down to 1 (the poorest) signal strength stick.

Internet since then is rather unstable and slower than before. I was wandering are there some works or maintenance going on in my area or on my local 4g tower? Cause I don’t understand why all of a sudden (literally before my very eyes) the signal just went from decent to super bad.

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