How do i use my own router with t mobile fiber?

  • 23 september 2020
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I have a t mobile fiber connection which connects to a converter which is a little device on the wall. There is an output for an ethernet cable and this cable connects to the router which t movile provided for me. Everything works fine when using the router from t mobile.

I would like to replace their router and use my own. The router I have is the ASUS RT-AX88U.  The error I am getting is "your isp dhcp does not function properly". 

Are there some settings i need to change on my router to make it work?I left eveything as auto and default on my router.  Is there some IP settings or something that I need to change ?


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Hello @Hhaad 

If you apply the following it should work :


Vlan 300 is for internet and vlan 640 is for IPTV.

 Thanks. On your screenshot its showing you are on the IPTV tab.  Do ineed to use a different tab and apply the settings there instead?

I applied the settings and the Internet works now. I'm surprised these settings fixed it since its in the IPTV twb and I'm not using iptv. 

 The problem i have now is that a speed test only shows 25mbps but i have the 1000mbps package. I'm not expecting 1000mbps it should be much faster still.  Is this because of thr settinfs I used ? Does it affect speed?

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Use the following settings


And if you do not use IPTV VLAN 640, you can remove it like this.