Internet connection point problem

  • 26 oktober 2019
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Hello Good morning

I received that Internet and TV package last weekend 

I wanted to install the modem yesterday as it was connection date. I noticed that there is only one main connection/connector is available in my apartment and it belongs to other provider ( bnc connector) . It seems that previous resident changed all the sockets during renovation . So , there is no main connection/ connector  in my apartment for connecting modem via  dsl cable. 

please advise what i should do in this situation ? 

i think that it is better a technician visit my apartment and install this main connector

i need urgently internet in my apartment

i will appreciate if you reply me promptly

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Hey@azadehmoeini, I see that you've created two topic regarding this. I see that a lovely Community member has answered you in that topic. Let's keep our contact via there to prevent any miscommunication! :slight_smile: I'll also close this topic.