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  • 7 oktober 2020
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I have got new internet connection at home. It was supposed to be activated today 07 oct 2020 but I haven't got any confirmation from T- Mobile. Also, I tried installing modem myself as per instructions in videos but it did not help.

Please see attached pictures. Power light and other 3 lights always solid RED. DSL and LAN light in GREEN and remaining 2 lights of 2.4G and 5G are off.

I tried factory rest of modem by pressing button more than 5 min but did not see any impact of it.

Please help.





5 reacties

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Hello @PradipPol 

Have you tried the blue port on the KPN wall socket aswell?

In your T-Mobile thuis account you can check the installatiedatum.

Hi @Waqqas ,

Yes, I tried with blue socket as well but it did not help either.

Not sure where to check installatiedatum in T-Mobile this account..

I had received below message in mail after that no update.

"Het is bijna zover... Want op 07-10-2020 kun je T-Mobile Thuis zelf installeren. De verbinding wordt op die dag voor 18.00 uur opgeleverd"


Also, please see attached image it says router is not active. Could you please check if service is activated from your end?




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I'm not a moderator but your connection should be active and the page on T-Mobile should update once your modem is online but there seems to be a problem with the line.

Thanks @Waqqas

I contacted T-Mobile customer care and explained the situation.

He confirmed services are activated from T- Mobile but there seem to be problem with line or modem.

 Power Light (at left) on modem is always RED which he has not heard before from any customer . He asked to make an appointment with technician to check fault.

Appointment earliest I got is of 23rd October which is two weeks from now. With work from home situation it's unmanageable to work from home.

I appreciate any help from this forum to fix the issue as soon as possible.






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Hi @PradipPol, sorry for the inconvenience! I'll send you two voucher codes, one for each coming week. You may text these codes to 2244 (in two separate text messages) - texting means via SMS. 

With the Unlimited Internet package, you'll be able to use your mobile hotspot as an Internet source. That way you can connect your laptop/PC and stay online. Hope this helps!