No Internet since morning (03-09-2019)

  • 3 september 2019
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My router is switched off every night and switched on back in the morning. But this morning (around 6:30 ), when it was switched on - No Internet. Then internet appeared around 7:00. I did some tests, so I switched the router off, and then on - No internet again. It's still the problem up to now. It looks like IP address cannot be allocated. I had this problem already a few times within year 2019. Sometime there was no internet for a week, then it appeared. My post code is 3452BJ (Utrech-Vleuten)

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Hey @opechunka,

I see that you've spoken my colleague yesterday. Apparently a visit from our engineer is required. You can easily make an appointment on this number: 088 - 2000 151. Our engineer will do their utterly best to solve this problem for you. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!
The problem happens when the router is switched off and then on. Very often external IP is not obtained. The router requests IP via DHCP and the response is NAC. That is a problem. Yesterday, after a few hours after the router was switchec on, the IP was obtained finaly. And I didn't have time to continue doing experiments. So the router is still on , was not switched off since then and Internet is available. It's definitely an IT infrastructure problem. What is the reason to invite T-Mobile engeneer into my house and waste my whole working day?
Since topic start is in English, I’ll post my reply also in English.

I experience the exact same issue as topic starter. Sometimes when the modem has been off for some time (and exceptionally also when I power cycle the modem) it takes ages before it gets an external IP.

When this problem occurs, the modem reports “IPv4 status: Connecting” for INTERNET_VOICE_R_VID300_ETH on the internet status page.

I don’t known if it is a regional problem, but I live in the same area (zip code 3543, Utrecht)

Would be nice if something can be done to resolve this.
So, since the yesterday. The internet works again. Now external IP is leased just for 15 minutes and every 15 minutes it's been renewed.

Question to T_Mobile staff. I have an appointment for 25th of September with T-Mobile (Guidion Telecom) technician As it seems the problem has been solved, does it makes sense to have an appointment still or cancel it?