Official complaint about interenet disconnection prolbem lasting almost 2 years!

  • 19 juni 2019
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To whom it may concern,

I am sending this email to make an official complaint about the internet disconection problem I had for almost two years of using the internet service provided by T-mobile huis.
Since I moved into my new apartment from Nov 2017, I have been having problem with unstable internet connection. The problem is: the internet connection is unstable. In the worst case, it disconnects 3-4 times in one hour and I never had any stable connection that could last longer than one hour. The browser give me 'kabel fout [8180]'.
The problem became much more serious to me since both me and wife will have to work at home. We have called T-Mobile a lot of times.
They did send technicians several times to check, changed the WIFI adapter but nothing worked. And each time according to the customer service there is different problem. First they said because of my set-up of the WIFI adapter, then with the line with KPN, then they said there is a bridge tap in my apartment. I have a ir. degree , I know my isra point is clear and there is no bridge tap inside my apartment. Even if there is a bridge tap, it would be somewhere in the line (street portal, apartment portal, same problem happened to other people according to the forum we have exactly the same ISRA point, it is not in my apartment.

Up till now, we still cannot use my internet normally and cannot work at home. We have been customer of T-Mobile for more than two years. Both me and my wife have mobile contract from T mobile and we use Tmobile huis for the internet. I paid my service fee every month yet I received such terrible service from T-Mobile huis internet and for such a long time they cannot fix this problem for me. I am very disappointed and become quite angry now about this issue.

I proposed by calling the T-Mobile huis customer service to ask them to offer a real solution to help me to use the internet properly so that I could work (by provided me with wireless 4G internet until the problem is fixed) and they promised they will figure it out yet after one month there is not even a message from them. I actually sent this complaint email to klantenservice email for several times but never gets any replies. This situation is unacceptable. I could spend 1 hour to call every time and say the same thing but the problem remains.

Here, I am sending this email as an official complaint about my problem. I suggest the following:
1. T-Mobile huis help me to fix the internet disconnection problem by June 30.
2. If T-Mobile huis cannot fix it by the June 30, please offer a solution for me to use the internet properly while t mobile can fix the problem at the meantime. I will keep paying for the current subscription.
3. We need compensation from T mobile for the bad internet service provided during the last two years. I would like to have a conversation with somebody who is in charge.

I hope this time my complaint will be treated fairly with respect.

An angry t mobile customer

Beste antwoord door Brian 3 oktober 2019, 12:19

Hi @shiz2, it looks like you contacted our mechanic on the 29th and he let us know that KPN needs to perform work on the connection point. We will contact KPN today and they will contact you within a few workdays to make an appointment. We will get you online as soon as possible!
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Hey @shiz2,

Wow what a story! I'm so terribly sorry to hear about this! ☹ I see that you've already contacted my colleague Gea. She informed our technical department about this problem. I've just checked to see if there is an update from the Back Office for you, but there isn't any update yet. Sadly enough I can't promise you that this problem will be fixed by the 30th of June. They are really busy at the moment, but will of course solve this issue for you as soon as possible. I'm sure of it!

And regarding the payment. If you send me a message when your internet is up and running, I will make sure that you'll receive a proper compensation for this problem.

Do you also have a mobile subscription from us? In that case I'll gladly provide you an Unlimited internet voucher so you can make use of that in the meantime.

Looking forward to sort this out for you as soon as possible. My sincere apologies once again!
Dear Piotr, thank you for your help. It is good that finally there is someone from Tmobile showing some sence of responsibility and caring for their customers. Unfortunately, the problem remains up till now. I will send you messages regarding to relevant issues.
Some update on this problem. After the technician did show up twice (they just leave a photo of the entrace and left, they did not even buzz the bell), Guidion technician finally came and confirmed that the line is unstable, however they cannot do anything about it. They say T mobile has to contact KPN to check the line from my apartment to the central distribution portel in the street, the line might be corroded/oxidezed and thus cannot give stable connection. Could you kindly help with that? I tried to call T mobile huis, nobody picking up the phone for almost 30min...

Also, could we have a stable solution before the internet is fixed? Now it disconnects like crazy and cannot be used. I suggested already the 4G wifi router supplied by tmobile. Is it possible to arrange that for us before the line is fixed? When can this be stop? If the problem is not solved and we are not compensated, I think we really have to leave t mobile...
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Hi @shiz2, it looks like you contacted our mechanic on the 29th and he let us know that KPN needs to perform work on the connection point. We will contact KPN today and they will contact you within a few workdays to make an appointment. We will get you online as soon as possible!