Beware: Fiber installation can take more than a month!

  • 7 december 2020
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  • Installation process is taking almost a month, still can't work from home
  • No temporary alternative was possible
  • Beware if someone is considering T-Mobile Thuis for their home.


Full story:


So far, a very frustrating experience with T-Mobile home fiber. Subscribed on the 16th of November. My previous provider would provide me internet only until the 29th of November, so I thought I was on advance enough not to be without connection.

Not the case. After a long while, get an appointment the installation at 3rd of December only. He comes only to unpack the equipment and plug cables, takes 10 minutes (I could have done it myself), but internet does not work - the FX-Link LED is off in the media converter, indicating something wrong with the upstream fiber connection.

I even called T-Mobile customer support and asked for a temporary solution with an additional SIM card, which I would use with a hotspot, but I was told this was not possible.

(Parenthesis on the installation: Not to tell the complete lack of wiring management on his side (the panel at home was beautifully cabled and he left literally wires floating around with no organization at all). Funny thing that I got a feedback form to fill and in the process I would get an error message from the website, so I could not complete it. Even sent an email to Guidion mentioning this, but no response whatsoever.)

The technician told me I would get a link with an appointment link, but after a day didn't get anything. Felt a bit in the dark and didn't know who exactly to call (KPN fiber, Guidion or T-Mobile?). After calling around I was told I would get a contact within 5 working days.

Now, got a link for another appointment only almost 7 days from now (on the 13th of December), almost a whole month from subscribing. And there is still the chance something else might go wrong, and who knows maybe need another appointment in another 7 days. So at this point I am quite pessimistic about having internet this year altogether.

I understand that unexpected problems might happen on the installation side, but does it really need to take a whole month? Can't it be more efficient? And even if it was the case, as a customer I would have preferred to know if beforehand, so at least I could have chosen another provider instead or planned accordingly (which would be a pity cause I really liked the experience with the mobile SIM).

Me and the other members of the household now have to go to work everyday by public transportation and become more worried about the chances of getting the coronavirus.

It is frustrating on our side but I hope I was not impolite with the message. I believe it is important that both the company and other users know about experiences we have with the service.



2 reacties

I had a very similar problem with fibre optic connection and the first installation not working and being blamed on the upstream fibre connection. It turned out that the first engineer had simply not switched something on inside the modem, so you could try this, maybe it was the same guy? 

Thanks for your message! I actually downloaded the user manual for the media converter and tried to educate myself on the internet in terms of the fiber installation. In this case, it seems that:

  • the media converter was configured correctly (switches in the correct positions, at least according to the default settings as stated in the user manual)
  • fiber patch cable used was correct (straight-blue to angled-green connector)

The last thing I would suspect about is a broken fiber in the termination box at my panel, but I don't really have the know-how of verifying that. I actually called KPN (former Reggefiber) but they can only get orders from T-Mobile.

I called customer service again on the phone and apparently something was done/checked on monday, but the situation is still the same. The appointment on 13th Dec is for a Guidion technician, so it could indeed be something in the panel.

They couldn't make it earlier, but at least provided me with unlimited 4g internet for a week. I will try hooking it up into the wifi router (which has an USB connection that accepts 4g dongles) to have it as a backup connection in the meantime.

So I still think it is absurd that every time something happens it still takes another week for someone to check it, but at least I was provided a temporary solution.