Delivery Issue

I was expecting a delivery of my new router to install my wifi. Unfortunately, I have been at work every day and I did not know when an attempt at delivery was made (if one was made).

I have just realized I have a tracking number from PostNL, but their tracking website says "Shipment is expected, but it is not yet in sorting process" and also "The sender has registered your package with us, but has not yet delivered it to a PostNL location"--but it also says delivery is expected October 4 (2 weeks ago!) So obviously I'm confused. Where is my Router--does T-Mobile still have it or Post NL?

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Hey @RoryStott. Thank you most kindly for writing in and hope you are well today.

Did you receive a note from PostNL with the pick-up location? As I see in our system, the package is on the way back to us. As soon as it returns, we can send you a new package as soon as possible. Looking forward to sorting this out for you as soon as possible!
Hi Piotr,

Thanks for responding! Turns out I did get a note from post NL--but I only just got the key to my mailbox from my new landlord today, so I didn't see it.

Looks like I just missed the time to pick up the parcel from PostNL, but good to know it will be re-sent asap. Will I get a notification when it is sent again? Now that I'm in a position to collect the parcel if I miss it, I will make sure to keep an eye out for another note.
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Hey @RoryStott,

The package has safely returned to us. We will now re-send you a new installation package as soon as possible! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience with this and do let me know if you need anything else at all - more than happy to help!