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Hello, I received the modem for DSL internet and connected it as per instructions. The mythuis page says I should be active, yet the modem received no signal at all. I assume the plug works although I do not know as I am a new tenant to this studio. Picture if the setup and inside of the plug. I'd like to know if my line is indeed active and so I need a technician to ha e a look or if it's not yet active.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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It's been almost 3 days, do I need to do something else to get assistance here?
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Hello George M,

Is this the only connection-point for the DSL telephone line? Probably this original isra-point is in the "meters cabinet" ? In that case you may post a picture of the isra-point.

Regards, Marcel
I'm not sure if it is the only point, probably not. I live in a studio that has shared internet from ziggo via a cable line. On the t-mobile store they told me it would be possible to get my own internet via the telephone line.

The only place I know that is relevant is in the following picture.

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The open box with wires in the middle of te picture is the isra point. (Thick blue cable is the main telephoneline)
This is not a standard isra point but one for larger buildings / companies. It's hard to say if the wires properly connected to your living room. In this case KPN has to check the connections.

A T-mobile employee of this forum probably can arrange the KPN assistance.
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Hi there @George M, I'm so sorry for the long wait! This is our busiest time, but we are doing everything we can to help you as soon as possible. If you are still in need of my assistance, I am happy to help. Please send me a private message including your zipcode, housenumber, date of birth and the last 4 digits of your bankaccount. Thanks in advance!
Hello again. Sorry for ressurecting the topic, I've been busy. An engineer came from KPN and looked at the problem. He concluded that the telephone line in my studio is not connected to the main ISRA point. The ISRA point itself does receive signal. Unfortunately he could not find the correct cable in the basement to connect, but I think that was because we were looking in the wrong basement room. So my problem now is I need a connection between my telephone line and the main ISRA point in the basement. EIther someone who can find which cable is the correct one, extend and connect it or someone who will pull a new cable through and connect it. Is this something a t-mobile or KPN technician would do and can be arranged or do I need to contact someone else?
Also, I've been charged normally for this month, even though I haven't used the internet and the modem hasn't even connected. Is there a way to receive a rebate for this time?
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Hey @George M,

You don't have to worry about the costs! As soon as this problem is solved, we can make sure that you'll receive a credit for the period. Could you please send me a private message including your zipcode, housenumber, date of birth and the last 4 digits of your bankaccount. Then I'll look as soon as possible for a proper solution.
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Hey @George M ,

Thank you for your message! I indeed see that the technician has reported (28th June) that the demarcation point (ISRA punt in Dutch) couldn’t be reached in the basement. He advised you to contact your landlord, to install a cable from your apartment to your ISRA point. Have you been able to check the possibilities with the landlord?

Have you been able to speak to your landlord about this? What was their response about this?
Yes indeed I spoke to my landlord. He said that he has never had a telephone line in this complex and doesn't know anything about the lines, therefore any costs would be on me. But the technician was looking at the wrong basement room for the cabling, as since then I learned that I have a different basement room than the one I thought. So it might still be possible to find it, although it would have to be extended to the isra point.
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Hey @George M

I've informed our technical department with the new information that you've given me. I've also requested to send an engineer once again to your place to search and repair the ISRA point in the other basement room. As soon as we receive new information, we'll contact you right away!