No internet connection after installation

  • 28 maart 2020
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Hi, My installation date was in 24-03-2020, I installed the modem on that day according to video and step-by-step introduction T-mobile provided. But I still don't have an internet connection. The globe light is off and power, 2,4 and 5ghz lights are working. I've tried resetting the modem and restarting it but it's still the same. I have added photos regarding my installation.



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Hey @emre.turkerler 

Looks like your modem is not receiving signal. Is your DSL cable connected to the DSL port on your modem? What happens if u click the DSL cable in the right port in your fuse box? Try removing the power from your modem for a few minutes.

What does the status say in your T-mobile thuis account?

Hi, thank you for your answer. Yes, my DSL cable is connected to the DSL port on my modem. I have tried both ports on my fuse box but they didn’t work. 
My Thuis account says:

You can enjoy T-Mobile Home soon (Tuesday March 24, 2020) .

Your Installation Package is already on its way, follow it here . You can install your package on Tuesday March 24, 2020


Pay attention!

Your modem is not yet active. Once your T-Mobile Home services are working, you can adjust your Wifi settings here.


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Looks like T-mobile are still having an issue.