Router not connecting to DSL

  • 12 juni 2019
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Sorry, I don't speak Dutch yet.
My internet was connected (aansluitdatum) on the 5th of June. Today, I finally got the router. I looked for the connection point and didn't quite find one of the three setups which are in the manual, but I clearly found the port where one should connect the router (see attached picture). I tried that and turned on the router. It seems to boot up alright and the wifi works. I can also connect to it. Even though I waited 20 mins and restarted the router several times, the DSL/Internet light never came on and I got no internet connection. I found a fixed cable attached to the installation (other picture), which I also tried, but also without success. I tried to search for the potential reasons, but didn't find anything. Just to be sure, I re-checked the status of my connection in my account online and it says that it is active and I should be able to connect. Would you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? It would be nice to finally have an internet connection after all this time and effort


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