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  • 23 maart 2021
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Hi. I have moved to a new address in the NL. In my new address Tmobile doesn't cover the home Internet. I want to unsubscribe my contract with Tmobile as soon as possible. 

My previous address was: [Verwijderd door Moderator. Plaats geen privégegevens in openbare berichten!]


Best regards, 


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Hello @mahfam 

If there is no fiber or DSL available at your new address please have a look at this topic.


You'll have to provide an official document of your move via Facebook or twitter for example.


Could you send me the address/link for Facebook in order to send you the official documents of my new move ?

I am waiting for your reply. 

Thanks !



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Looks like Twitter has a problem at the moment but on Facebook you can search for T-Mobile NL and send them a private message.

If you get automated replies you can say ik wil een medewerker spreken.