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  • 30 juli 2020
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I am requesting cancellation of the internet subscription as the internet signal is very weak and thus I feel like I am throwing my money in the bin since I am using 4g anyways most of the time. This has been ongoing since late May and even after I sent requests nothing has been done. I thus request cancellation of the internet. The contract normally ends in October but I wish to terminate it now. I have to note that all the suggested solutions were followed and nothing has worked so far. So, I wish to cancel the contract right away.





3 reacties

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Hi @soufianez318,

Thanks for giving me a heads-up! If I read your message history correctly, you're only experiencing problems with the Wifi right? Don't worry, there are lots of solutions which we haven't tried yet! Since I see that you've tried the ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions, I would like to send a serviceman specialized in Wifi to your address. Our servicemen always carry our newest amplifiers with them and, when needed, they'll be able to install them on the spot. Hopefully you'll be open for this solution, as I'm sure the serviceman will be able to give a big boost to your personal network! Have a nice day.

Hi @Cal


Yes I would be open for a serviceman to be sent so we can try to fix this issue because even though the current repeater displays good signal it clearly does not reflect on the network speed and it is slow as I previously mentioned. Nonetheless I still wish to not renew my contract when it is over. You can send the service man in mornings, around noon, or in the early afternoon between noon and 2pm any day this week as I will be available during these times. I won’t be however after 2pm. You can suggest a time this week during the time spots I told you.




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Hey @soufianez318,

Ok, I've arranged for you that you can make an appointment with an engineer. He will visit you at your house and check the Wifi connection for you, and of course do his utterly best to fix it! You will receive a text message and an e-mail within a few minutes. With that message you can easily make an appointment with the engineer! I hope that you'll change your mind about the renewing of your contract as soon as your Wifi connection will be fixed! If there is anything else I can do for you, let me know!