Internet disappears throughout the day

  • 16 februari 2021
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For the past two months, my internet has continuously dropped and picked back up again during the day. It’s made it almost impossible to work from home. Is there a problem in De Pijp, Amsterdam currently?

I’ve tried resetting the router many times, both wi-fi and cable internet behave the same.


There is no tech support in English. Chat is only in Dutch and when I ask a question, I get the automated response that I need to call 0800-0092 which also does not have English option or work most of the time when I try to call. 


Thank you for your help.

13 reacties

Today the internet was so bad I couldn’t even join an audio call or connect to Zoom and Slack. I’m now having to use my mobile phone data which is quite expensive. 


Please do respond. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello @sarahams 

Are you using DSL or glasvesel?

In vase of glasvesel you can try to restart the mediaconverter or replacing the internet cable from your mediaconverter to the modem.

If you have DSL is your modem directly connected to the ISRA and what type of ISRA do you have?

Thank you for your assistance @Waqqas! I have DSL. The modem is not connected directly to the ISRA (it’s in the meter cupboard).


I am hoping a representative of TMobile will be able to investigate the situation further with a line analysis.

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How long is the cable from the meter cupboard to the wall socket in your room? The length could cause problems in your line.

Could you also upload a picture of the wall socket you have?

It’s difficult to estimate the distance. It’s a three prong wall socket. 


I’ve lived at my address for nearly three years (with T-Mobile the entire time) and this is the first period I’ve experienced such drastic issues. 

@Demi hello! I saw you responded to a similar chat and was wondering if you could help here? Thank you very much in advance!

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Could you also once screw the wall socket open and upload a photo of the wiring to check if there are no unnecessary wires connected? Unnecessary wires that are connected can cause problems too after a while.

I’m having trouble even uploading the photo. Everything was installed by a T-Mobile technician who even connected the wires. 

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Is using 4G not an option?

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Hi @sarahams


I just checked your line (line analysis) and I can reassure you there's no problem with the grid or connection. The maximum speed is attainable at your address. If your experience is any less then 100 Mbps, we need to look at the inhouse situation. When you're on a videocall, is this via cable or Wifi? What speed do you have when you disconnect all other hardware and you're on a cabled connection? 


Could you do a factory reset on the modem and test again? Could you also test with another cable (RJ11) between the modem and the accesspoint? 





I hope to hear from you soon, so we can have a better understanding of the situation and reach a solution!

Hi @Sander,

Thank you for your reply! To answer your questions:

- The connection issues only occur during the working day. I’ve never had any issues during the evening or night - even with video calls. 

-I use Wifi rather than a cable connection. I have always done this (even when working from home for over a year) and have never had any problems until about 2 months ago when this started and has become increasingly worse. 

- For wifi speed:

  • Before reset: My download speed was 56 Mbps. The upload speed was 27 Mbps.
  • After reset: 30.93 Mbps download and 30.12 Mbps upload. 

-It’s not possible for me to test a cable connection (I don’t possess the cables). The access point is in my building’s staircase. 

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Hi @sarahams ,

To way you describe the issue, it seems to be a problem with the speed of your Wifi. It’s very hard to pinpoint the exact reason of a slower Wifi-connection, but hopefully the tips in this topic (link is clickable) give you some great suggestions on how to improve the Wifi. It’s in Dutch, so please let me know if you have any questions about it. I’m here to help you out!

Hi @Boris, thank you for your input!


I’ve already checked out this article and tried all the tips apart from the amplifier. 


Is there a reason why this could have started in the past two months and is only getting worse? Nothing has changed in the cables, location, etc. 


What are the next steps to resolve this?