Wifi Router does not accept connection once disconnected, needs constant restart of Router

  • 24 februari 2021
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The problem started couple of weeks back. I have a DSL connection with Zyxel wifi router. I cannot connect to my wifi router once I am disconnected which happens quite a few times a day. And then I can only connect my devices once I restart my router. Once I am connected it is fine for few hours and then I am suddenly thrown off the connection. It seems that internet connectivity is there as all lights are green. But I cannot connect to the router back again.

Last week technician came and he changed the wires in the ISRA and it was working for sometime and then after one day the same problem. I am not sure if this is a router issue or line issue. Also t-mobile support is moving me in circles everytime i call them, they are giving me some long timelines and nothing happens. I have restart my router atleast 10 times a day to get my devices connected back. 

I am hoping if someone can help resolve this issue.

6 reacties

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Hello @vishalrs 

Is your modem directly connected to the ISRA? And what kind of ISRA do you have?

If it's a wall socket with a 4 pin adapter could you unscrew it and upload a photo of the wiring?

Unfortunately I am not a technical person so am not sure what kind it is. I am posting the picture of the same, maybe it helps 


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Hi @vishalrs, useful that you were able to post a picture of the connection point! I'm sorry that this issue has not been solved yet. It seems that the wiring is the issue. We've been closely montering your connection for the last couple of days and been making some changes. I expect that we will soon be able to find the right solution. We'll keep you updated!

Hi, Thanks for your update. I needed to know if there is a timeline to resolve this issue. By when can I expect this issue to be fixed. II am facing this issue almost for a month now due to which my work and my daughter"s online school is affected. It would be helpful if you can let me know how many days it will take more to fix this issue. Thx

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Hey @vishalrs, very logical request and I so sorry that the instability has been continuing for so long. The difficulty is that your connection is suffering from a very rare problem which is also hard to solve. We’ve regularly been making changes to your connection and the stability seems to have improved quite a bit since yesterday, though it is still not optimal. Hopefully you also experience it this way. We’re working very hard to also fix the last bit of instability!

Hi, Thanks for the update. Today it is much better as we did not have to restart the router and we are getting connected even in the case when I am disconnecting from it, which was not the case earlier. This is certainly a good progress. But I hope this is not temporary and you get to the root cause of it, so that is fixed for long term. Kindly keep me updated on this further.

Thx Again for your support.