Return equipment that has never been delivered

  • 13 September 2021
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I’ve subscribed for TV subscription and in a month dropped the subscription. I’ve never received TV equipment. However, I am still receiving emails regarding returning the equipment. The last message says that I have to pay a fee if I won't return device in a week. How can I avoid unfair fee? How can I let T-mobile know that I have never had their device and have nothing to send back?




3 reacties

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Hi @zolotov,

Thanks for letting us know and welcome to the Community of T-Mobile! I've immediately checked out what's going on in the back-end and see that the delivery service, PostNL, has delivered the package to your address. Now I believe you that the package has not been delivered to your door, so perhaps a quick check with the neighbors can do a lot. Is there any chance that one of them has taken up the package for you? Please let me know! I'm sure we can fix the issue.

Hi Boris,

Thank you for the answer. I’ve checked with the neighbours without any luck :( I still have no idea where the equipment is and how to prove that it was not delivered. What would be the next steps?


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Hi @zolotov, thank you for elaborating on the issue! I just contacted PostNL and they said they're 100 percent certain that the package has been delivered to your address - are you sure it wasn't thrown out or maybe put in the garbage disposal immediately after?