TV box Kosten niet retourneren

  • 12 November 2021
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I have a complaint about your service;

I had a TV box back in April, this year, which I succesfuly returned to T-Mobile with Klantnummber: XXXX (I still keep the confirmation via PostNL that I had sent it)

And yet I receive a mail months later saying that I have not returned the TV box yet. The very same day I communicated this to your customer service and they entered my confirmation from PostNL that this TV box is delivered to them to be returned back to you.

Yet again, today I see a 90Euros addition for a TV box on my latest bill!

I don’t really know what is worst!

Funny thing is I called the call center many times to fix my TV-box with no solution, when it stopped working showing some errors regarding an update after two weeks..

There was no help so then I cancelled my contract ‘on time’ to get no fines..

And I returned the TV box as soon as possible in April, I still keep the shipment confirmation from PostNL!

but yet I still get a 90 bucks bill on my account months later because I did not return it!!

This is really not fair, I really do believe I deserve better service.

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Hi @ibrahimaliz, welcome to the Community!

I’m so sorry this happened yet again, it’s inexcusable. I’ll look into it immediately and help reimburse the unnecessary fine of € 90. Can you please add the proof of shipment to this topic? That way I'll be able to reimburse the fine and make sure it doesn't occur again. 

You do deserve better service, I wholeheartedly agree and promise that I'll do everything within my power to fix the issue.

Please see it above, thanks for the prompt response!

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Good afternoon @ibrahimaliz, thanks so much for adding the proof of shipment. You'll be reimbursed for the € 90 fine: the compensation will be deducted from an upcoming invoice; the remaining amount will be transferred to your bank account 32 days after the invoice. Thanks for understanding and have an amazing and healthy week. Stay safe!

Thanks for the support @Jason 

same problem here:
delivered a tv box for retour on 5/10 
according to PostNL it got delivered on 7/10

today i recieved a third reminder to send the tv box over.
with a 90€ fine
after replying to the two first reminders with these pictures, i was quite unhappy to receive the fine today. to say the least…

could you have a look at this case too?
many thanks


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Hoi @pieter.michiels, ik had je graag willen helpen, maar ik zie dat mijn collega Lisa dit al met je opgepakt heeft! 😄 

Graag wil ik je verzoeken om het een volgende keer bij maximaal één topic te houden, anders wordt het voor ons erg lastig om het overzicht te bewaren, gaan mensen tegelijkertijd aan de slag en zit je in elkaars vaarwater waardoor het probleem trager opgelost wordt en kunnen we je nog sneller helpen. Mocht je nog vragen hebben, stel ze dan alsjeblieft in onderstaand topic:

Bedankt voor je begrip!