UDM router with Amino Aria 610x

  • 12 februari 2021
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Dear T-mobile,

I have easily over 40 days trying to make my TV working with my own router (UDM). I’ve read hundreds if not all the posts on this subject and followed all the advices but TV still fails starting with my UDM. 

UDM connects directly to the media converter and goes further to my Netgear managed switch. From UDM, a direct connection to the T-mobile STB.

Clearly understood in a post that the new T-Mobile TV is not requesting VLAN 640 and will be the only solution to get my TV working. So I have sent back my old Interactive TV STB and updated my subscription to the new T-Mobile TV. Received finally a new Amino Aria 610x. TV service works fine with T-mobile T50 router but not with the UDM. Calling T-mobile does not help as customer service connection with back office is quite poor, CS is also not trained for this questions, so had to get back reading other posts.

Luckily found similar issue @acfnews mentioning that updating to the tvxavg --as3, is a must to get the TV working. After calling several times T-mobile found a wonderful lady that actually did several efforts in communicating with back office to solve my problem. I have been asked to keep T-mobile router working until I receive an email that my issue was fixed. A week later I get an email that a new STB is on the way to me. Very excited, called T-mobile to make sure is not an error, but I could not get a clear explication why I get a new STB. The new STB arrived and surprisingly it loads the same old app 14.8.69_build9_etv_va__ glop _as3, and TV does not work. So I get 2x STB’s in my home, none able to get my TV working.  

To make it clear, I am not trying to use my UDM just for fun, but it is a must according to the KNX programmer that set up all my home functions.

Apologies for the long description, bottom line and main question. Is there any clear solution to make my TV working  with the UDM or not ? I acknowledge using my own router is legal but support is not being offered by T-mobile. Nevertheless a clear indication wether is possible or not should be available, so many hours spent for a paid service is not fair. If affirmative in which conditions is this possible. If negative at least I’m clear and have to look other alternatives solutions.

I would appreciate a quick reply.


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Hi @AlexWitting ,

Not @Jason or @Brian this time around, but me! 😉 It is indeed true that the later update will take place when the TV platform has been switched to our newest one. To make sure this switch will be made, my colleague who answered your phonecall Saturday has made sure the transfer is placed on the priority list. We’re going to work hard to get you on the new platform ASAP! 

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Your story is indeed very recognisable.

I was ‘lucky’ to have ordered 2 STB’s from which 1 worked out of the box, which helped me get things sorted. In the end I am still happy with the setup, so it was worthwhile for me.


Two things pop to my mind:


In my case one of the things which (according to the helpdesk at that time) needed to be administratively correct, was the whole installation procedure. Thus the ordering, delivery, installation, and signing of the people visiting the house. Only after these steps were done something could be done (I guess in a central database) to fix my issue. This can be seen in the T-mobile website.


Next to see if there are no issues on your current network setup I would try the following. It will also give some insight:

  • login to your router and capture ethernet frames from/to the specific STB
  • power-on the STB
  • watch the STB boot until after some 5 - 10 minutes there is only the black screen
  • stop the capture
  • analyse this capture in something like Wireshark

This should show you the boot process (DHCP/DNS/NTP) for the STB, and also that it retrieves the boot images. You will see that these boot images are loaded from somewhere on the internet, so it could in theory also be an issue there (it could be another vendor/provider?).


Most probably your router will do some DNS caching for clients, you could maybe try to bypass this for your tests, to see if this makes a difference.


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Hi @AlexWitting

If still the old software loaded to the STB it looks like the migration to T-Mobile Tv is not completed yet. 

@Jason or @Brian can help you with this :grin:


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@AlexWitting Just to be sure you have done this, in the wan settings in the udm you have to select vlan300. That is what did the trick in my configuration, I don’t have an udm but usg 3g.

@Dennis25 Thanks Dennis, I’ve did that already, otherwise I had no internet going into my switch. All my network goes perfect. But no TV.

@acfnews thanks for detailed description, unfortunately I’m not a very tech guy😁. Tried scanning my network with Wireshark and filtering after the eth addr. got following results:

DHCP Discover - Transaction ID 0x19977e32

DHCP    590    DHCP Request  - Transaction ID 0x19977e32

Entone_b2:1c:ca    Broadcast    ARP    60    Who has Tell

I assume that the internet connection with the STB works fine as it does well an update from an older version to the 14.8.69. Further it performs several tasks until it freezes at “connecting with the server”.

I do believe that migration to the new platform was not performed by T-mobile, so probably it will not work unless they will complete the migration of my account to the new platform. Afterwords, I assume the STB will receive also the update to the

@Jason & @Brian would you be kind and inform me how I can get my TV working. I’ve tried calling at least 6 times customer service, but they are not able solve this as back office support is needed. Every time they make a note and send it to back office, but no result so far.

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Hi @AlexWitting ,

Not @Jason or @Brian this time around, but me! 😉 It is indeed true that the later update will take place when the TV platform has been switched to our newest one. To make sure this switch will be made, my colleague who answered your phonecall Saturday has made sure the transfer is placed on the priority list. We’re going to work hard to get you on the new platform ASAP! 

@Boris even better with you 😁. I already connected your T50 router and will be great if the migration of my account is made quick, got most of devices using KNX down until I can put back my router.

I will keep looking in my T-mobile account until I see a change from Interactive TV to T-mobile TV.

Thanks again for your help Boris.

@Boris . Hi Boris. Just received the following message today: “Je krijgt T-Mobile TV!
Op 23-02-2021 tussen 9 en 17 uur is het zover. Op deze dag kun je even geen tv-kijken. We sturen je een dag van tevoren een herinnering per sms. Zodra alles is geïnstalleerd, kun je gewoon inloggen met je tv-inloggegevens.”

I still need to keep connected the T-mobile router, or I can disconnect it and use my own one. Rest of process will happen in the background ? Thanks in advance for ur reply.

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@AlexWitting ,

Sounds like good news! To make sure the entire update of the TV Box goes as smoothly as possible, I’d advice to keep the T-Mobile modem connected untill the TV Box is up-to-date. Please let us know if the update brings along the wanted change. In the meantime, we’re here for you!