T-mobile fiber router questions

  • 29 June 2022
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Apologies for the English!

I am evaluating switching to T-Mobile because I want also to switch my mobile phone subscription in one go and have that sweet fiber connection.


Currently I have the provider router with DHCP and wifi disabled and an access point . I use my own DHCP server and a pihole.


Is it possible in TMobile fiber router to disable DHCP and use your own DHCP and DNS server (pihole in this case).


Note that I do not want to disable the router functionality nor use my own of the T-Mobile device if possible for simplicity .


Much much appreciated,


A potential new customer :)


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Hi @mtsundin


Yes you can disable the LAN DHCP on the supplied router :) 

Perfect! So using pihole for DNS I assume it's fine? :)

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Yes should be no problem! 

Thank you so much!!