Could not make an appointment with technician to install the internet

  • 25 March 2021
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I have applied t-mobile Thuis (internet) for more than 1 month, we have glass fiber in our apartment. I have tried to make appointment for technician to install the internet for us, we have called Klantservice so many times, however, we still did not get any appointment. No body ever called us to schedule an appointment or reciving sms or email (as it stating in the website). We have been using 7-days vouchers for one month, it is really not durable when you have two people in the appartment, we have to stay together all the time to be able to do our work. Today I called Klantservice again, they just ask me to WAIT! This is ridiculous and un-professional! I hope someone in this community could give us a tip for this situation.


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Hello @wjingjue 

In case of Fiber there is always a technician required and you should have got an email to make an appointment with a technician.

Could you check your email and also spam?

I have check so many times, and called customer services so many times as well. Every time the customer service told us they made an appointment, but no body come. We called again, they told us their colleague made mistake, and they need to make a new one, and we have to wait again. No body called or send us email or sms. We just want to know how exactly can we make an appointment? Is there a phone number can call or email we can send to?

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Hi @wjingjue,

Thanks for alerting us about the issue and I’m incredibly sorry that your topic slipped through my fingers, I honestly do not know how your topic was overlooked. On the other hand, I was very happy to notice that you were connected to our internet several days after you wrote your topic. I wish you a lot of fun with our internet!