i have no internet connection at home and appointm date is after 2 weeks!

We lost our internet connection yesterday and called customer service. So they asked us a few things to do, but nothing worked so they suggested us to make an appointment. But the closest available date was after 2 weeks! So, we called the Guidion technical service and still waiting to hear from them about what they can do to give us an earlier date. Me and my husband are both working from home, our tv is connected to internet and we are just residents here so try to get in touch with our families in another country. We connected everything to my mobile internet (which i already pay for) which slows down a lot after 5gb. So i am really expecting from you to find a solution for us; its just very very disappointing especially nowadays we are all dependent to internet. I am really considering giving up tmobile after this period ends because we are totally helpless now. Yes when everything was normal, it was okey but what i understand that the most important thing is how your company finds a solution for you when a problem arises? In this case, still nothing!


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Hello @hilalc 

Do you have glasvezel or DSL?

Does removing the power from media converter and/or modem for a few minutes not help? Are all the lights on the mediaconverter and/or modem on which are supposed to be on?

If you have glasvezel is your network cable from the mediaconverter connected to the WAN port of your modem?

If you have DSL is DSL port of your modem connected to your ISRA and the other end to your main KPN line? What kind of a ISRA do you have?


Make sure you don't have any bridge taps, like cables going to other rooms or more than 2 wires connected in your ISRA.

If you are not sure, share a picture of it and we will try to help.

Hi Waqqas,

Thank you very much for replying back. To be honest I am not very familiar with this technical issues but we are using fiber so it must be glasvezel I guess. Maybe it will be better if I put some picturesand btw, we tried resetting etc.:


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Hello @hilalc 

The red wire is just covering half the lights on the black mediaconverter but looks like there is no signal on the mediaconverter. Could you post a closer picture of the mediaconverter?


Yess sorry for that. i have just sent it now. and here is one more:


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Looks fine to me.. (cabling).

Have you tried removing the power from the media comverter for a few minutes? Often works

Yes, i unplugged it waited but we still have this red light for internet..

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Hey @hilalc,

I'm sad to hear that you've experienced problems with the installation of your T-Mobile Thuis subscription. :disappointed: I also see that you've just contacted my colleague yesterday about this issue. I want to inform you that our technicians have a quite busy schedule at the moment due the circumstances. You could try to contact Guidion (our engineer service) to ask whether there has been freed up an earlier possibility. In the meantime you can use the Unlimited Voucher and stay connected with your family. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Let me know if you need a new Unlimited Voucher for 7 days. More than happy to assist you!

Hi Piotr,

Yes we got in touch with Guidion and waiting to hear from them about scheduling. In the meantime we are using the hotspot as you said. Of course I can understand that its quite busy but apparently there is some structural problems within tmobile that I hear so many stories like ours, which of course decreases the customer satisfaction significantly. I can understand that tmobile is outsourcing the repair services from another company but this is a really easy way to say that it is out of our scope, you should plan it with Guidion. I am tmobile's customer, not Guidion’s. It must be tmobile's responsibility to make the best scheduling for me. You cant imagine how much time I spent on this issue for the last three days. I have a baby, I have a job to do and my time definitely worth more than this. I can understand that there is a limit on what you can do, as issuing vouchers, but as I said this is a structural problem. It is quite obvious, at the end of this period tmobile will lose a part of its current customers. Please take these as constructive criticisms which you can escalate.



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Hi @hilalc, I understand your point but we’ve chosen to let Guidion do their own planning to prevent unnecessary back-and-forth between different party’s. This way you have a direct line with the party actually doing the work. To be fair last year we actually had capacity issues regarding mechanics and that is rightly on T-Mobile but this has since been solved. As you can imagine though due to the corona virus scheduling is challenging at the moment and I can assure you that the mechanics still working are quite dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. It’s definitely not easy for them being out in the field in this time and we’re doing everything we can to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Hi Brian,

I can understand that they are doing their bests. So for the time being, there is nothing else other than waiting. Thanks a lot for replies and help.