Internet contract without dutch phone number

  • 28 July 2017
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Good morning,

next month I am going to move to Maastricht with my family. We have already signed the rental contract for our new apartment and therefor we need a new internet provider. I tried to order the internet contract online but it seems that you need a dutch phone number from me. Since we are still living in Germany we dont have one. I would apreciate if you have a way to solve this problem. We would need the Internet connection by August 16th.

I am lookng forward to a response!

Thank you

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I think you have dutch phone number because you are on this forum, or maybe it is a data SIM. But you probably mean an existing dutch landline number?
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Hi Pinktank,

Thanks for thinking of us as your provider! So registering by phone doesn't work. Option number two is to walk into a Dutch T-Mobile shop. My guess is that this isn't a possibility either. 🙂 Then the third option will have to work. You can register on our website, fill in your wishes and credentials and you're good to go!

Keep us posted!