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  • 26 September 2022
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Dear  T-mobile huis.


I have reported my move about 2 month ago and I moved in new house 24th of Sep 2022.

The internet supposed to be working from today and I have not received any package from t-mobile huis.

And I tried to connect to internet with old device but No internet at all. No news at all from installer and t-mobile both.

OK what now? I am calling to the client service for 10 minutes and no one answered. I left the chat via facebook and I did not get any answer. The Lotte? Chatbot? It does not helpful.

Tell me what should I do.






Beste antwoord door Lisa 27 September 2022, 12:50

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Hello @Guyeon,

Have you received an confirmation about your moving order? What kind of connection did you use on your old address? I’m looking forward to your response. 



Yes I have received confirmation email. I was using Glasvezel 1 Gbit/s.


do you need more information?

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Hello again, 

Yes that is indeed the confirmation. Have you heard anything from Guidion the T-Mobile installation technician? You should have received an email as stated in the confirmation. 



Nothing have heard from Guidion for last two month. No email at the Spam folder and Inbox as well…

I am now using internet via my mobile phone but my new house is weak with 4G and 5G signal so unlimited internet also not really helpful...

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Hi @Guyeon, I directly took a look into your account to give you some clarity! I can see that Guidion will come by the 4th of October. Did you already receive an Unlimited Data voucher from us? If not, I would love to provide you with one. Hopefully the voucher works well even though the 4G is not so strong in your huise. Please let me know if I can help you with this. 

Hi, Thanks for your kind suggestion and offering. but I am already using unlimited mobile contract. I do not need a voucher. 


Today, 4th of Oct, Guidion installer came to my house and setup all but no internet signal.

I hope tomorrow T-mobile home connect signal to my house. I hope...


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Hi @Guyeon, thanks for the heads-up! We haven’t received the update from the Guidion technician just yet, but I assume that the grid operator needs to notified to fix this issue. Even though I would have hoped we could do this right away, this might several days. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi @Boris  Today, the Guidion technician called me to check internet connection. He told me he did everything he could but unfortunately internet is still not working. The Fiber signal is not turned on.

He told me someone(KPN?) need to check Fiber at my home. He said I will have SMS message soon and call from other technician. He said it will take two more days…

OK let’s wait couple of more days.

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Hi @Guyeon, thanks a lot for letting us know! I can see that the Guidion technician has sent a request to our technical department with this update. They will indeed send a request to the network administrator to solve this. Thank you so much for your patience. Please keep us posted! ❤

Hi, @Lisa Short update.

Today is 11th of Oct. It is already over 2 weeks I moved in new house. And I am still have no internet. I feels like living in the stone age cause T-Mobile 4g and 5g also barely working in the house. lol:)

I have been waiting call from KPN Technician for 4 working days but not yet received. No anonymous call from anybody. I should wait more days...I guess. 

Do you think T-mobile take full monthly cost from my bank account? I could not even use internet for over 2 weeks? hm...

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Hi @Guyeon, thanks a lot for letting me us know! I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. I just asked for a new update, because I really want to give you some clarity. As soon as I receive an update, I'll let you know. You'll only pay for the days that you can use the internet, no worries. 


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Hi @Guyeon, I want to let you know that you will receive the (anonymous) phone call from the network administrator to fix the issue as soon as possible! Please let us know as soon as you received this phone call, so we know that the appointment has been made. Thank you so much for your patience so far! 

Hi @Lisa Thank you. Yes I have been waiting Anonymous call from Network Admin for a week. :)

Hope I have a phone call soon. Of course I will update you all. :) Have a nice weekend!

Hi, @Lisa. Short update. Here comes another Weekend. And I have not received any phone call from Network admin so far….


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Hi @Guyeon, I am sorry for the wait! The right department for me to contact isn't here on weekends. Don't worry, I will check this Monday and let you know what I can find. We will keep in touch!

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Hi @Guyeon, here I am again! We asked KPN NetwerkNL to speed up the proces and contact you as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on your phone. Thanks!

Finally I got a call from KPN today. 

Tomorrow (26th of Oct 2022), the KPN Engineer will come to my house. 😂 

I hope all is working well. !!

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Hi @Guyeon, glad to hear the engineer will fix the issue today! Good luck and enjoy your connection and subscription! 😄