No internet after modem installation

  • 18 November 2021
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In last weekend (13.11) the technician (from KPN) connected my modem and router. He told me that there is no connection on the other side. And someone from t-mobile needs to come and connect it. He told me that he will call and someone should do this in 2/3 days. Today I got an email that my connection is working and I will pay for the internet since 13.11.2021. But I still do not have the internet connection. I tried restarting everything and I still can not open any website.

I would like to know if someone already checked the connection or I should still wait? Or if I can do anything to “fix” it.




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Hello @Pawkam 

Could you try the following :

Remove the power from the mediaconverter and turn switches 1 and 6 off, now turn 3 and 4 on. Now check if this works?

Hi @Waqqas I found your response for the same problem from couple days ago and I already tried those combinations with no luck. :(


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Hi @Pawkam,

I am very sorry that this has not been solved yet, I am quite surprised that KPN NetwerkNL has not gotten in touch with you yet. Therefore, I will immediately contact KPN NetwerkNL about the ordeal and give your dossier the highest priority possible.

Please be aware that, even with the highest priority level, I am afraid that they will not be able to come by before their weekend kicks in. I suspect that they will call you on Monday and usually they can come by within 24 hours or, at most, within 48 hours.

In the meanwhile I would very much like to provide you with a temporary solution. However, I could not find a T-Mobile or Tele2 Mobile subscription tied to your Thuis account. If you happen to have either of those, could you please send me the phone number via a private message (click on my profile and press “stuur bericht”) and I will provide you with Unlimited internet for the time being.

I am on the case and I hope to be able to help you as soon as possible!

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Very happy to see that everything went quicker than expected @Pawkam, I'm sure they'll be able to solve it for you! :relaxed:

Yes I have an appointment on monday. Thank you @Cal for help and high priority for this!

Unfortinetly I do not have neither T-Mobile nor Tele2 mobile. So I’m stuck with buying data packets in my current provider. :)

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Hello @Pawkam 

You can also use an unlimited voucher with a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card.

With that voucher you'll have 7 days unlimited internet, you can also use it as a hotspot.

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Hi @Pawkam,

Very happy to see that you are fully online after the visit from KPN NetwerkNL! :smile: 

If there’s anything else, please feel free to let the Community or me know. Have fun with the internet connection!

@Waqqas oh. That’s a nice idea! I should did that at the begginineg. :D


@Cal yes, everything works great now. Thank you for help.