No ISRA point in the apartment

  • 8 September 2018
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I just moved to my new apartment and the previous owner used Ziggo, which means that there is only coaxiale cable, there's no ISRA point in the apartment.
Is it possible to get a technician to come and install everything? If that's the case, how?

Thanks in advance,

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First of all @Asav welcome on the forum.

Assuming that you have checked the fuse box area where is most of the time the electric meter and the gas meter installed as well.
There should be a big grey or blue cable coming in to a connection box and from out that box one or maybe two smaller grey wires go to your connection in the living room.

Maybe ask one of your neighbors if they know something, or show you the position.

Normally buildings are provided with at least an ISRA endpoint in case people want to use the landline phone.

I have added a picture to get an idea how the ISRA point should look like at entry point in your home.

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Maybe you can use following URL to check if there is an ISRA at your apartment.

if it’s not, you have to use a coaxial connection I guess.

There is a possibility to order a new ISRA connection point on but that will cost a lot of money. If it’s a rental apartment, I should not do that.
Hello Pieter, thanks for your answer. I did looked inside the fuse box area but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. Attached are some pictures from it, maybe you can help me locate it.

Hello Hugo, thanks to you too. I checked on this website and here is the result, I am not sure how to read it to be honest:

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Does the number of your home address only your apartment? Then you should have your own ISRA connection point. Otherwise it could be located at the main technical equipment room of your building.

19 Mbit is not so high, I’m not quite sure if it’s possible to order T-Mobile Thuis.
Yes it is only my apartment. I really don't get it, it's supposed to be somewhere then but I cannot find it...
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Hi @Asav

Thanks for your order! Since you were able to place an order, we definitely can provide you with internet in your house. The connection point (ISRA) is owned by the house-owner. So it's possible the previous owner dismantled it. If possible, you can ask them for the location. You can also check with your neighbours where the ISRA is located, like Pieter mentioned. It's very likely to be in the same spot in your house. Look for something like this:

If it has to be restored or newly placed, it could take some time or money. The network operator will have to be send to your house. The technician will give you the options, after which you can choose. Worst case scenario: € 300-400,-. Best case: connect some wires and all is ready. Once the line is activated we'll request a technician for you. The good thing about a (new) ISRA is that you'll have a choice for a provider, without the ISRA there's only one provider to choose.

Good thing you're looking into this now, this prevents some surprises further on!