No updates on glasvezel since weeks

  • 16 November 2022
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I moved into my apartment in November and ordered glasvezel for thuis on November 3rd. The status of my order has not changed since then, it still says “Het glasvezelnetwerk is bijna klaar. Dan zal Guidion contact opnemen voor de installatie.”. The problem is: my home already has a glasvezelaansluitpunt from KPN, with a glasvezel line going into it, and previous tenants also had glasvezel. It should not take this much time to get it connected/switched to t-mobile. I have called t-mobile last week and this week monday, this week the employee said they will “email someone and ask them to call me back” but this has not happened.


I can’t afford to wait this long with no prospect on when this will be resolved, I work remotely from home and am already using phone tethering and it’s just not sufficient. Can someone from t-mobile help me here?


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Hello @jeremip 

When you go to and enter your postcode there, does it say glasvezel beschikbaar? Maybe the installation of glasvezel is not yet completed according to T-Mobile.

Yes, when I go to it confirms "glasvezel beschikbaar".When i entered my address on during the order process, it also confirms this - so why does the order status say something else?

@Lisa can you help resolve this?

@Jason how about you?

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Hi @jeremip, I can understand your situation! From here I can see that we are waiting on operator VolkerWessels Telecom to make the line ready and patch it to your home. This means that the line isn't completely ready and we as the provider have to wait untill VolkerWessels Telecom gives us the green light. This is why we always give a wishdate when you order a connection, and we don't promise any hard date that the line will be active. 

My colleagues from the Fiber department are checking the status regularly. When the green light has been given, we will automaticly send the hardware your way and we make sure you can plan in an appointment with our technician for the in-home installation. Thank you so much for your patience!

Hi @Cheyenne, I appreciate your response and not making hard promises about dates is a trick every business uses but please understand that this does not help. I’ve already waited two weeks for an essential service (beyond reasonable), I’m no closer to having an ETA for connection, and I have very little faith that t-mobile will connect me within the next two weeks.


What would you do if you were in my shoes? Wait another week only to still be in the same position? The one thing that comes to mind is cancelling the order and signing up with KPN. Do you see any other options?


Hi @Cheyenne,

I took the time to call VolkerWessels Telecom, and they tell me it is not possible for them to lay tmobile fiber cable into this building, because the owner only wants a single fiber connection and there is already a KPN fiber cable going into the apartment. VolkerWessels Telecom says tmobile needs to use Regge Fibercable/KPN Netwerk to provide the service. I immediately called tmobile again to relay this information to them, and it has been transferred to your back office.


But I am now even more confused by this situation. All this information was known from the beginning. I called the tmobile hotline the first time on 7.11.2022 when I realized there was a mismatch in the order status, and told the employee the following “there is already a glasvezelaansluitpunt and a media converter from KPN in the building, and there is a glass fiber line going into the box”.


Why does a customer need to call and relay information between tmobile and their subcontractors? Why does it take so long to obtain information that was available from the start. How long would this have been stuck if I hadn’t called?


Wouldn’t you agree that making the new customer onboarding process as smooth as possible is extremely important for a business?

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Hi @jeremip, thanks for all your updates. I agree with making this as smooth as possible for you. I'm not sure on the best possible scenario right now, but I will bring this under the attention so that we can make the best choice for you. 

Hi @Sander, can you check what we’re waiting for now?

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Hi @jeremip, Sander has asked our fiber-department to give an update as soon as possible; we're currently waiting on an update and will keep you informed!

Hi @Jason, I called the tmobile hotline again today shortly before 16:00 and after the person on the line was not able to tell me anything new I cancelled my order. I should be connected to KPN’s service by friday.


Nothing personal, I really appreciated the communication with you here and I like tmobile’s price/perfomance better but taking out an internet contract should take a week at most.


If you value my feedback: when a customer signs up and just moved in (=no internet connection yet), don’t attempt to do construction work if they have a fiber line at home. Or ask them for their preference directly.

Also if I am to be 100% honest: if yesterday I would have received a message from tmobile saying “we have just sent you your wifi router and are waiting for the fiber connection provider to connect you to our service” then I would probably have continued waiting.

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Hi @jeremip, thanks a lot for your update and feedback! I'm really sorry to read that you've cancelled your subscription, but I totally respect your decision. We always appreciate it when you provide us with some feedback, so I will transfer this to my colleagues. I wish you all the best and hopefully we will see you in the future! 🍀