Request for new subscription cancelled - how to resume it?

  • 2 October 2018
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Hi all,
I subscribed to a new internet package with TMobile. I received an SMS that he router will be delivered but no delivery was done. Then week later I received an email that the request for the new subscription was cancelled.
After several attempt I was able to talk with customer service. It seems I inserted the wrong house number, the router is at the PostNL office, but they didn't know how to handle it. I called again since yesterday, no success to get somebody at the phone.
I would like to correct the address and have the subscription but there is no way I can get in contact with someone. i tried all possible sections on but no chance I can send an email. I wrote on Facebook. Nothing.

Was that difficult they would have called me when they realized was a wrong house number? Is that difficult to have an email and request to subscription?

So I suppose I have to ask again and wait for 3 weeks, but in this case I will do it wit Ziggo, at least they have a better way to contact them.

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Hi sduici, unfortunately this is common practise for T Mobile. I would strongly suggest doing as you suggested and move to Ziggo. I regret my decision to move from them to T Mobile almost every day.
Finally somebody replied to me on Facebook providing the sales department number 0800-0419 I was looking for.
But 2 hours too late, cause I already subscribed with Telfort this morning.
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Hi @sduicu

I'm here to help you! Thanks for your order, but it didn't go according to plan. If we got the wrong address, this could be messy, but luckily your order was stopped. Now it's important to place an order on the right address. I hope we're still on time, since we offer the best deal available in the Netherlands.

If there's anything I can do for you, let me know!