Return tv box & modem

  • 28 January 2021
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Dear T-mobile,

Quite a challenge to get you on the phone, tried three times, been on hold for more than 15min. 

Well understood is difficult for all, nevertheless hope can get an answer on the community. 

I got my old modem replaced and had to send the old one back. Few days later issues also with my TV box. After a short call with customer service, a new TV box is on the way, but not arrived yet.

My thought was to pack both modem + tv box and send them back by FedEx, mentioning both “retournummer” on the box. But I got a letter that a fine will be applied if the modem is not returned.

Is it possible to delay few days this fine until I get also the tv box and ship all back to you ? Got an email on 25th that new tv box is on the way but still not arrived.

Look forward for your reply.


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Hello @AlexWitting 

Equiqment is expected back 8 days after cancellation and then the procedure of processing could take some time, it's normal to get reminders during that time which you can ignore.

I think you can wait a couple days more and upload the receipt from postnl here.