T-Mobile cancelled the application without any notice

  • 26 November 2021
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(Sorry for English, can do Dutch if needed)

I signed up to T-Mobile internet on 27th July. The website told me T-Mobile would deal with everything and give me an installation date.

Ziggo contacted me to say that they had received the cancellation request.

I received an email yesterday from T-Mobile telling me that the request would be cancelled on the 30th November (?!?!?!) ..I’ve heard NOTHING since 27th July.

After spending over 20 minutes in the queue to customer service I’m told that someone called me on the 3rd to tell me it can’t be installed as KPN won’t pay for something …NOBODY called me from t mobile so this is a blatant lie.
I have no record on my phone of a call on the 3rd of august, if I had known this I would have made other arrangements as I work from home and internet is absolutely crucial.


I requested a manager to call me but of course that can’t be guaranteed. The lady on the phone said she would ask the person who said they called me on the 3rd of august - which is completely pointless as they won’t be able to do anything.


I had a terrible terrible experience when moving my mobile phone to t mobile - but not as bad as cancelling my internet and not telling me you won’t provide your own internet!!!!

Can you imagine how frustrating this is? 

The lady on the phone couldn’t ask a manager as she’s working from home - so I was pointed here (she said it was t mobile staff)


Can I please have the address of someone I can write to with my complaint? There must be a complaints procedure, or someone in a position of responsibility who can deal with this. I would imagine a customer service director would like to know what has happened.

in lieu of this, please let me know what the process is for when you leave someone who works from home without internet without informing them.


A very very unhappy customer.







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Hello @JonDoyle 

There are also moderators on this forum who can look into your case, please wait for them to reply.

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Hi @JonDoyle I have checked what's going on in your subscription. It seems like that there wasn't any pair of wires free to get you connected to our DSL-network. I also see the contact log from my colleague on August 3rd. It's weird that you don't have any record for this, she mentioned in her log, that you were sad that we couldn't deliver the network to you. Also I have checked the Overstapdossier from Ziggo. This is cancelled by today I see. This is automatically done when the Overstapdossier is open for 120 days. If I'm correct, you have still been connected with Ziggo right? Because with the Overstapservice you will stay connected with the current provider, till the new provider can connect you. 

I'm so sorry you didn't have any more communication in the meantime after August 3rd. I'm also not sure, why we didn't cancel the application after we found out we couldn't deliver the network. I agree that the communication could have been better. 

I wished I could give you better news by still getting you connected, but it just isn't possible. Hopefully fiber will be available in the future, so we can still connect you!

Hi Demi,


can you let me know how I start and executive complaint procedure please? You just explained back to me what I already know. 

Im getting tired of repeating my issue over and over to t-mobile via different channels.

Ziggo have given me a cancellation date because t mobile told them to cancel my internet.

Nobody contacted me at any point, yet for some reason you keep telling me they did. Do you know how frustrating this must be for me? You literally cancelled my internet, and refused to provide new internet ..and didn’t tell me. Then you go and tell me that you did.

This is absolutely not acceptable in anyway - and I want this escalated to someone in a position of responsibility inside t mobile. Why is it so hard to get details for a formal complaint?

It’s absolutely not ok to just put an answer on a public forum that explains what I already know and think this issue should just go away.

Just to repeat myself AGAIN. 

if someone called me to tell me I couldn’t have internet, which I 100% require for working from home, I would have definitely arranged something else. I have no record of any call. Given my phone is also t mobile, can you not check the records yourself to see? I’ll happily show you a screenshot of my call history.


I’m not in the Netherlands at the minute, I’m in the Uk for a funeral - so it’s not so easy for me to be dealing with these things.

The enormity of this second huge fuck up from t mobile (see my t mobile phone history) has caused me so much stress and problems - coupled with the difficulty of actually contacting someone in a position of responsibility in t mobile, it’s disgusting treatment of customers.

None of this has any impact whatsoever on you, it’s all 100% on me.

I need to speak to someone about cancelling all t mobile services whether under contact or not because this treatment is absolutely appalling - what would you customer service director think of this?

what if I cancelled your internet and didn’t tell you that I wasn’t going to replace it? But then write in the system that I did? What if that happened to a director in t mobile? 

As you can guess from my tone I’m still seething about t mobiles service and treatment of me.



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How unfortunate, but customer care can now act and get you connected when wires are not avaliable to your house. There would be an KPN ISRA point in your home, that is why T-Mobile offered you their service in the first place. When the ISRA point is full after they send the connection order to KPN, their supplier, it will come back with an 'error'. An executive complaint does not exsist, nor will this bring cables to your house.

So it is not ' on you' , it is on the situation of the cables to your home. So, just stick with Ziggo, they deliver via the TV cable.

Hi Eric,


thanks for the technical details, it makes sense. My problem occurs earlier in the process.

If TMobile can’t guarantee I can get internet, then don’t tell me on the website that you can. 
If T-Mobile rely on someone else to get someone thing done, don’t tell me you will arrange everything then come back with excuses blaming another party - I order and pay TMobile, not KPN. That’s something for TMobile to sort out in the background.

If then, TMobile can’t provide what they said they could, contact me and let me know. At least update the website so it doesn’t still show “we’ll do everything and contact you with an installation date” for 3 months after the order. At least email me. It’s not difficult to understand. Poor process and even worse communications.

Executive complains exist in all large enterprises, although having dealt with a different TMobile issue in the past, I’ve seen how reluctant TMobile are to handle these issues.

if I were to write a letter to the director of customer service, are you telling me this would just be thrown in the bin? - it’s certainly my expectation given the customer service I’ve already experienced.

I shall remain with Ziggo, I had to contact them to have my package reinstated - administration on my side that I should not have to do. Don’t contact a customers isp with a cancellation request if you haven’t arranged a replacement service. 

“So it is not ' on you’” - absolutely, this is 100% on the company I ordered from, TMobile. Not me, not KPN.

Don’t guarantee things that can’t be delivered, and get better communication.