Two weeks with no internet

  • 31 July 2019
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I have the internet package in my house from 16/07 but still i dont have internet connection. Normally it should work but still nothing. I checked the main kpn's connections and still nothing works. I called to arrange an appointment with a Gidion engineer and I have to wait up to mid of August. So more than a month and still not internet. So i have to use mines and my wifes mobile data in order to do my job.
I have informed the T-mobile that probably they should activate the line from the external cabinet but i dont get any response. I am not going to pay the invoice from the moment it will be more than a month from the moment i have received the package and i dont have internet.
Please or give me some unlimited subscription to my mobile or my wifes that we are both havingT-mobile or just tell me to go to another service provider if you cant respect our agreement.
Please i am waiting your response.

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Hi @asteris13, it looks like my colleague tried the different access points in the house with you but there doesn't seem to be a connection. Your connection is active since 16-07 (as my colleague told you on the 24th) but there seems to be a technical problem. But not to worry, our mechanic will make sure everything is in order at your location. If the cause turns out to be the incoming line then we will notify the grid operator to repair this as quickly as possible.

You mention your mobile subscriptions, do you both have a T-Mobile one? I don't see a mobile subscription at your address but if you could send me the 06-numbers if this is the case then I can provide you with a code for 7 days unlimited internet to bridge the period until the mechanic arrives! You can send this through a private messages on this forum.

You also don't have to worry about the subscription costs, you can send me a message once you are online and then I will reimburse everything for this past period. We are going to make sure you are online as fast as possible asteris!