When will the customer care service call me back?

  • 21 September 2019
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I have subscribed for a new connection with T mobile just few minutes back. Though they gave a set of instructions through email, it is very confusing and I don't see any live communication method. I have a set of fundamental questions like
  1. Will there be a wifi modem given?
  2. Will the delivery engineers and activation engineers schedule a time with me before they drop in at my home
  3. Is there a way the process can be made faster etc.
But I simply find no method to get an answer for these questions. The last thing I want to do is I keep running around while losing time and effort. So I prefer a call with a customer care executive to get all these answers (for many more questions as well). Will T mobile executive call me?

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Hi @Udhaya,

I see there's been contact and your contract has been cancelled. Sorry to hear about that. If you need more information or wish to place another order, you can contact 0800-0419. Hope to welcome you as a new customer regardless!