Hoe installeer je T-Mobile voor thuis?

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Is your subscription allready active?

Remove the current white and transparent wires and connect the other transparent and black wires instead, you should have signal now.

@mohammadimathstar please do this and once internet works, the status in your T-Mobile account will update automatically.

i did it (see the photo), but i do not have internet yet.


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A technician is required to check the signal I guess, please wait for a moderator to reply.

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Hi @mohammadimathstar,

Thanks for your very complete question and message to us here at the Community! Because of @Waqqas his questions and the steps already taken, a technician is needed to help you out with the installation of the modem. I've arranged this right away. You'll receive a SMS/e-mail to make your digital appointment. That way you can arrange the appointment yourself, whenever it suits you. Help is on its way!