Internet valt regelmatig huawei modem (DSL)

  • 5 oktober 2020
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I have been experiencing many disconnections since the 25th of September in Eindhoven area.

This morning, I have encountered 5 disconnections. Usually, the connection recovers between 1-10 minutes, then it gets disconnected around 5 - 15 minutes later. This has been disrupting my online meetings. I also checked with my colleagues using T-Mobile Thuis Internet. Some of them have also been experiencing the same problem, but different time windows.

This has forced me to go to the office, while it is strongly advised to work from home.

Please help check whether there is a problem!

I did a speed test when there is no problem. Usually, the download speed could reach 45 Mbps, but last week, I only got 20-30 Mbps :( 

However, I will at least be happy if I have a stable internet connection.

P.S. I tried to ask help on an existing thread, but apparently the topic was under T-Mobile thuis - televisies. Hence, I created a new topic.



Beste antwoord door Jason 14 oktober 2020, 11:22

Hi @Anton In, the issue has been forwarded to the network administrator, formally known as the grid operator. KPN NetwerkNL will process the matter within three to six days and will give you an update via our technical department. If there's an update, I'll let you know asap. Cheers!

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Hi @Jason ,


Here is a follow-up response from


The power LED is constantly lighting up. All cables are tightly connected.

A disconnection occurred at 19:37 when I was at home. My wife was at home the entire day and she also said the connection was really unstable.


As I mentioned in the other thread, 3 colleagues of mine who use T-Mobile Thuis have been experiencing unstable internet connection too, but with different time windows, so it seems to be random. There must be an issue on the line.

Updates on October 6, 2020:

Disconnections occurrences:

  • At 11:51. It recovered within 1-2 minutes.
  • At 12:06. It recovered within 1-2 minutes.
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Hi @Anton In, thank you for being so patient with me. It looks like there might be an issue with the outside connection, hence the same disruptions occurring at the homes of colleagues in the Eindhoven area. This could also explain why they happen frequently and get disconnected right after recovering from a previous disruption. The differing time windows however, I can't explain yet. 

Do you and your colleagues work via VPN and is that VPN carrier by any chance Alliander (Liander)? If so, please let me know. One of our customers is in direct contact with their IT support desk. Liander's been having issues with our line for a couple of months now. 

Could you please provide me with the MAC-address and serial number of the modem? Please send me these details via private message. These codes are written on the back of the modem, on a small white card (and behind that card directly on the back of the modem). Once I have these details I'll immediately open up an investigation and forward the issue to our tech-guys. Thanks for being so cooperative!


Hi @Jason ,

No problem. Thanks for the reply.

No, I don’t often work with VPN nor my colleagues. The disconnections occurred when I didn’t use the VPN.


Yesterday (October 7), it was pretty stable. I got one short disconnection between 18:10 and 18:15. I didn’t write the timestamp down precisely.

This morning (October 8), it is still stable.


I’ll send the MAC-address and serial number of the modem via a private message.

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Cheers! I've added the info to the ticket and it's been forwarded to our tech-department. The current ETA (processing time) is between five to nine days, so please bear with me. Should I have any updates, I'll post them here immediately. 

Updates on October 9, 2020:

Disconnections occurrence(s):

  • At 14:37-14:38. It recovered within 2 minutes.
  • At 14:47. It recovered at 14:50.

Updates on October 13, 2020:

Disconnections occurrence(s):

  • Two disconnections between 14:53-14:58.
  • Two disconnections between 15:06-15:15
  • 15:17-15:19
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Hi @Anton In, the issue has been forwarded to the network administrator, formally known as the grid operator. KPN NetwerkNL will process the matter within three to six days and will give you an update via our technical department. If there's an update, I'll let you know asap. Cheers!

Thank @Jason ,

I’ll try to provide an update here about disconnection occurrences.


Disconnections occurrence(s) on 14 Oct:

  • between ± 18:00 - 19:15. I left my home at 18:00 when there was no internet connection and came back around 19:00 and there was no connection.


Disconnections occurrence(s) on 15 Oct:

  • 09:30-09:33


Disconnections occurrence(s) on 21 Oct:

  • 16:50-16:52
  • 17:03-17:06


Een afspraak gemaakt voor het storingsbezoek van T-Mobile Thuis op 3 november. 


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@Anton In Thanks for keeping us posted! I see you've managed to make an appointment with a technician, great! I'm sure that the technician will fix the issue and help stabilize the connection. 

Sorry that the appointment-date is scheduled for the 3rd of November, that's quite late. I've called Guidion and you may give them a call everyday in order to check if there's an available timeslot sooner than the 3rd. This is by no means a guarantee, but sometimes appointments get postponed or cancelled and an available timeslot opens up. 

Please dial: 088-2000 151. You can reach them anywhere between 9 AM till 9 PM from Monday to Thursday, between 9 AM and 5:30 PM on Friday and between 9 AM and 5 PM on Saturday.

@Jason : A technician from Guidion just came by for the storings bezoek.

He asked me what the problem is. I explained that I have been facing random disconnections and several colleagues of mine have been experiencing the same symptoms with different timing.


He checked the cable to the DSL line (if I am correct) and called his colleague to perform some connection test remotely. Then, he said the line is risky and told me that another company will come by before this Friday. In total, I think he was checking for less than 5 minutes.


His notes from the report is:

  • Lijn is risky doorgezet naar bo.


I can give an update on the disconnection occurrences that I remember :

  • 27 Oct: 22:30 - 23:00
  • 2 Nov: around 10:00

Last weekend, I didn’t experience any disconnection, but I was not using the internet the whole day.

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Hi @Anton In, thanks for the elaborate explanation, that really helps clarify things! 👍

The Guidion technician forwarded your case to our technical department. The technical guys will most likely send KPN a request so that the line can be checked more thoroughly. Oftentimes the disconnections occur due to some defect in the main distribution center (wijkcentrale in Dutch). 

Once this has been fixed, your connection will finally be stable. Please keep us/me updated and if I can help with anything at all, let me know! 

Thanks Jason.


9 November: Many random disconnections in the evening around 20:00-22:00.

10 November: No internet between ~16:30-17:30.


There is no update for the next technician to check the line :(. I’ll wait for this week.


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Hi @Anton In ,

My apologies for the delay! Our technical department are experiencing busier times than usual, which might explain why you haven’t received an update yet. No worries, I’ve given them a little notch to get you an update as soon as possible. Like Jason said earlier, the technical department will most likely send KPN a request to check out the line. Help is on it’s way! 

Hi @Boris , @Jason ,


Here are some updates from me:

  • Several random disconnections occurred in this week starting on the 17th of November.


20-11-2020: A technician from KPN just came by for about 2 hours (08:10 - 10:15).

  • He checked the connection to the gray box somewhere around 0.5 kilometers from my house. He hasn’t seen any problem.
  • He replaced the wandcontactdoos, because he said the old one might not be stable against high internet speed.
  • He said he couldn’t be sure if this would solve the problem. If the problem still occurs, please contact T-Mobile to create a new ticket, so T-Mobile and KPN can take a look deeper. He left my house around 10:15.

After he left, I had an online meeting at 10:30, but a 2-minute disconnection occurred around 10:38-10:40. I think the problem is not solved. I will monitor the disconnections again, but today I will go to my office as I have many online meetings and I am not certain about the connection stability.



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Hi @Anton In ,

Thank you so much for the update! I’ve checked out the situation right away, because I couldn’t imagine that as a final solution. Luckily the technician from KPN has advised our technical department to do a modemswap. A new modem will be on it’s way soon. I am hopeful that this step will be the last one to fix the problem.

Please let us know when it arrived and if the modemswap did indeed eradicate the problems. We’d be happy to hear from you!

@Boris , @Jason : I have not been encountering any disconnections for more than a week. It seems that replacing the wandcontactdoos in combination with the modem helps. Thank you for your supports!


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Hi @Anton In, that's fantastic news, thanks for sharing! You're very welcome and if ever you need help: please don't hesitate to ask! Have an amazing weekend and please stay safe!